When he's jelly: Raph

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     As Leo and Raph were training one on one ,you got bored and started listening to (your fav. music). Raph finally got the upper hand on Leo and threw him to the tree that was in the dojo.

Raph: Hey (y/n) do you see that

You: uh huh

Your headphones were still in your ear , not really paying attention to the world around you. Raph was getting annoyed repeating himself several time trying to get your attention. He walked up to you and gave you a noogie ,making you take out your earphones and looking at your boyfriend in confusement .

You: Wow Raph, stop it with the noogies ight

Raph: your were ignoring me the whole time

You: babe ,I see you win against Leo all the time


You: its not like you were jealous or something that I didn't watch you this time

Raph: ....... no

You: you hesitated to say that

Raph: no I DIDNT

Leo: yes you were

Donnie: yep

Mikey: totally jelly bro

Your boyfriend yelled in rage and pulled out his sais running after his brothers . You just walked out and leaned on the dojo's door frame crossing your arms with a grin join your face


You slide down on your back laughing your butt off.Until you felt somebody tap your shoulder , looking back to seeing Raph smirking tapping his foot on the ground .

Raph: jealous huh

You: I should run now , right?

Raph: uh yeah

You: I love you

Raph: love you too , now run

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