When your k-: Raph

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Dedication to NerdyPhoenix

Mikey: *screams* wait! (Y/n) please it was a accident! I didn't mean it!

You: Get back over here so I can strangle you!

Mikey: I believe I can fly, I belive I can touch the sky-

You: then die in a hole

Your feet never lost that adrenalin rush coming through your veins and muscles and kept speeding toward the frightened turtle that you were now chasing. The question is why?

Mikey: I didn't mean to rip your poster of (Fav. Band)


Mikey:*mumbles* it's better than Leo's comic books

That's why

You through your knife that somehow gotten into your hands unnoticably and saw it penetrate into the wall stopping the youngest turtle in his tracks only being inches away in front the brutal weapon. He anime cried at you as you held a dangerous look in your eyes.

Mikey: Your worse than Raph!

You: Talk about my turtle like that again I might cut off your whole supply of pizza

You placed your hands on your hips in triumph watching Mikey dramatically die. You walked over to finish your kill but felt entangled in a pair of arms and felt your feet take flight into the air seeing the blurry vision of everything till it stop suddenly to meet face with ..... Shell

You: Oi! Raphie put me down now

Raph: As much as I would love for you to torture this shell-for-brains I need to punch something tomorrow when I'm bored

He kept a good hold on your body while you were struggling to wiggle out of this embrace and watched the ground as he went upstairs getting the note that y'all were heading to yall's- his room. The familiar sound of (Fav. Music genre) came through Raph's small speakers on his desk in the corner of his room. Raph laid you roughly but playfully on his bed observing how your reaction was to cuddle up to his blankets immediately feeling tired now.

You: He used my poster as a piece of paper to Sh*T on

Raph: How about tomorrow we can tie him up and beat him like a piñata

You: While we eat the super deluxe pizza in front of his face ( Like how Splinter did in the first TMNT movie in real life)

Raph: This is why I love my girly

You: Raphie come cuddle *yawning *

You didn't hear a response but heard his footsteps come closer and felt the bed dip down behind you feeling his arms around you

Nap time



Your eye lids open slowly half lidded to see your phone lit up from a text laying on Raph's bed side table. You groaned and lazily grabbed your phone and notice it was from your Dad telling you to come home. Then looked at the time noticing it was 10 at night.

You heard snoring behind and decided to not wake up Raph at this time of night. Your untangled yourself from the turtle and headed out the lair, not before knocking Mikey upside his head.

The air was cold to your bare skin as you was only a crop top and some jeans. You walked on the roof tops seeing as it was a easier and safer way to travel at night to your house. You jump off a building and landed to the other before hearing a screeching sound coming somewhere near you. Body tensed with shock but kept your composure steady and ready to attack Even without a weapon.

???: So this of the famous (y/n) huh? Not much to look at either

You: *Grins* Come out, come out where ever you are. Let's play a game, it's called 'Who thinks they got the balls to stand up to (y/n)'

A rumble came from behind you almost causing you to loose your balance from the harsh impact the unknown person made. Your heels turned ready to make your maker, until you saw the person features looking very familiar the last time you heard of them.

You: N-No way

???: Raphie's mine B*tch

Then something hard smashed to the side of your head and it was lights out for you

Raph POV

Ring-Rong-Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeepppppppppppppppppppp-N*g*a wake the f*vk up!!!!

Why am I being summoned again. I peeked my eyes open and felt my arms not holding something special. I blnked twice and jumped up repeadiatly rubbing the spot (y/n) was at. Then my T-phone rung once again playing ringtone that was signified for one person


I picked up the phone and clicked answer hearing nothing but silence on the line.

Raph:Hello (y/-

???: (y/n) is not hear right now at the moment nor will she ever be

My blood started to boil at the ruff sound of the person's voice.

Raph: where's (y/n) you bastard

???: *Smirks* Oh Raph have you forgotten about me already, what a shame...... It seems like your little girlfriend is still a cock blocker, I'll just have to cut that out of her system

Raph: If you even attempt to touch her your digging your own grave

???: Meet us at the top of the main bridge coming in and out the town at 12 tomorrow, I'm sure you'll be able to spot us

Raph: *Angered* Who... Are you?

???:Surely you remember me ......old friend


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