H&H: Donnie

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Yes, you loved the sweet smell of papers in the morning

And yes, you adored the perfect scores on your test and quizzes

Definitely, when you get to go show your charming nerdy yet adorable turtle boyfriend

Then get a kiss for a reward

But deep inside, you wanted more than just a sweet peck on the lips. The memories of Donnie's last mating season hit your mind, the way he spoke to you so seductively.

Donnie: i guess my brothers figured out I left

Stroking your cheek he gave you one last kiss and smacked your butt hearing you yelp in surprise but saw the smirk on the turtles face feeling another blush going on

Donnie: i know i dont have time to do everything I wanted us to do in my lab in the dark but next time when its not the season to be wanting to bite you everywhere

His chain got tighter and he started shaking again but not that much and slowly walking upstairs humming

You: woah

It sent chills down your bones and you loved the feeling of it. After the season was over he swore he would never do anything like that again calling it a mistake and inappropriate. You couldnt get him to stop apologizing every 5 minutes for a whole week.

Sometimes a nerd needs her bad boy every once in a while. Am I right?

You shook the naughty thoughts out your head continuing on your path to the sewers. The tunnels gave your peace and quite getting use to the ripple sound the dirty water made when a droplet fell.

You: *sigh* I love you Donnie, but just a little naughty fun wouldn't hurt, would it?

You talked to yourself ... which is perfectly normal, to you. Finally seeing the door of the liar, pulling the lever to open the doors you walked in seeing the normal two in the living room consisting of the orange and red clad turtles eating pizza or reading a magazine- thats very graphic!

You: Raphael, why the shell are you looking at this?

You held the playboy magazine filled with pictures of models out of Raph's hands looking at him like he was crazy.

Raph: What ?!?

You: Do you know what this is?

Raph: Is Kakashi Hatake a closet perv?

He gave you a smug looking smirk and you huffed knowing the answer to his question.

Raph: Oh and Don said he had a surprise for you?

You: Oh really? Where is he?

Raph: Where he always is? And you wont be needing this

He snatched the magazine from you before you could take it back and decided to just forget about what you just witnessed going into the lab.

As always the doors were closed, something started to whine up in your brain. You don't hear anything, which is impossible since he's always doing something, even in his sleep.

Placing your ear against the cold steel you concentrated on the sound waves from inside the room and still nothing.

The door immediately opened out of no where, almost making you ju.p oit of your skin. Opening just a tad to where your body could go through, you peaked in with one eye and backed away not getting settled with the fact that it was pitch black and mute in there.

But who knew that there was going to go a arrogant, conniving, muscle headed, little devil turtle behind you this whole time to shove you in the dark room and slam the door shut... tightly.

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