When its your birthday: Mikey

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Its finally the day you been waiting for a whole year and now you got a bunch of turtles and a boyfriend to celebrate it with.

You litteraly jumped out of bed and decided to be a little teensy tiny different with choosing your clothes today, you put on your outfit and shoes and looked in the mirror feeling that something was missing but you couldnt out your finger on it. 

You decided to forget about thinking it'll come back to you later on the day . Your phone buzzed in your pocket on your way to school and you  saw the messanger and the smile you already had grew wider seeing it was from your lover


 To AngelCake



From Mikster

The whole day at school today you thought nothing can break your smile . You walked down the halls as the last bell of the day rung for all of yall to get out for the day , April and Casey were beside you as yall chatted away  with multiple conversations going in and out . 

You were too busy in the conversation that you bumped into ( a girl you hate) , the thot that you dispised so much . 

Girl you hate(GYH): oh look , i almost forgot it was your birthday (y/n)

You: your fine

GYH: no no no , let us wish you a Happy Birthday

You: we?

You saw the smirk on her ugly face knowing something was up but your thoughts were cut down when one of her groupies threw a cake to your face  leaving frosting all over your face, and new clothes. All you felt right now was hiding under a rock for the rest  of your life , the hallways were quiet with people on each half of the hallways seeing the whole thing.

You didnt want  (GYH) see you tear up so you ran out the school building not listening to your friends who were trying to call you back , you kept running and didnt  know where with tears and cake in your vision.

~time skip~

It was night fall and you sat with your knees bend to your chest finally getting most of the mess off of you , you were on the roof tops alone hoping that nobody would see you right now.

Mikey: (y/n)

You gasp and spun around seeing the one person you really didnt want to see when your looking like this . You didnt say anything but just curl up into a tighter ball and cried more. A moment later a hand was on your shoulder and you picked your head up being eye to eye with Mikey.

You: arent you gonna laugh

Mikey: why would I

You: because I got cake all over me

Mikey: and you still look amazing 

You: what?

Mikey: April and casey told me what happened when I tried calling you and I knew you would be here. (Y/n)  I love you no matter what and to be honest right now your even sweeter 

You couldnt help but laugh at his thoughts but thats why you love him 

Mikey: oh and Happy Birthday

he pulled out a silver diamond heart shaped necklace( in the picture) out of his shell and clipped it around your neck. Now you had tears of joy and the best birthday ever

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