When he plays in your hair:Leo

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      You just came out of school for the day and headed over to the lair to meet your turtle boo. Finding out that they was all in the dojo training ,you found your eyelids getting heavy and  walked up the stairs to Leo's room and fell  on his neat  made up bed and fell into a light sleep .

While you were sleep Leo came in from his training with his brothers and Sensei. He saw you sleeping in his room and thought it was really cute. First he had to take a picture of you at this moment and saw that your hair was a little messy , Leo went over to the bed and placed your head on his lap and gently combed through your (h/c) hair with his 3 fingers

You felt a slight tug on your scalp and opened one eye to find Leo messing with your hair

You: *giggling*  Leo Bear , what are you doing

Leo: fixing your hair, it looked like you was in a hurricane when I came in here

You made a O shape expression wuth your lips looking at your boyfriend with shock  and sadness mixed with anger. Trying to get up from your comfy position you felt arms wrap around your waist holding you down and you looked to your side to see him smiling

You: why are you freaking smiling?

Leo: because  you look cute when your mad and that I'm sorry if my joke was too rude , but you always look beautiful

You: awwwwwww Leo

You couldn't help but feel the butterflies kick in your stomach and tackled him  into a hug and planted a kiss on his cheek. Seeing Leo's cheeks turn pink made you blush

You: so what did you do to my hair

He pulled out a mirror and looked at your (h/c) in a neat and nice fish tail braid

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