when he sees you sleep: Donnie

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Dedicated to @UnknownNinja223

Donnand you were in his lap while he did some experimenting with the retro mutagen and as for you you were doing something boring ,useless ,crappy (w/s) homework. You wanted to help Donnie out but he wanted you to finish your homework. You re-read the same question for the seventh time, yet the question still confusing to  you.

You went off to Wonderland thinking about your blue ribbon amf throphy you were going to get in the science fair  and how Donnie will be by your side when it happens. Your eyes begin to close and let out a yawn as you went on about your fantasies. Donnie ,on the other hand was finished with his test on the new mutagen and looked back to see you face down on the table sleep. He chuckled and went over to you and poked you on your side making you jump, you looked up to see him grinning  at you with his arms crossed

You: umm hey bae

Donnie: *chuckle* what happened hun

You: I wasn't sleeping if that's what your talking about

Donnie then what were you doing

You: resting my eyes

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