when yous save him :Mikey

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The pizza eating ,video gamer,queen of skateboarding, music blaster , prankster and the lover of a orange masked freckled turtle  - was crushed with all the emotions piling up . The only thing that shocked you was a door being slammed open and close , footsteps running up the stairs hearing the sound getting closer . You shot up grabbing the closes thing to you which was a hammer (what a surprise).

The noises came closer and you quickly went behind the door to hide . Soon the door opened but didn't see anybody yet and without an hesitation  you jumped out of your hiding spot and had your hammer above your head ready to strike until a strong grip grabbed it out of the air and had you lifted off the ground as well . The figure took off his hood and immediately saw the red mask and green skin

You: Raph ? W-why are you here

Raph didn't say anything , but threw a potatoe bag over your head  and threw  you over his shoulder leading out the house . You trashed around ,but Raph just ignored your struggle ( the struggle is real ain't it) . You could hearing a manhole being pushed from its spot and water splash . You knew Raph was taking you to the lair now from the recognizable sewer stintch . 2 minutes later you were plopped on the couch  and had the old bag taken off of you and viewed that Raph had left and you wondered why you were still here . You got up from your spot on the couch  and tripped landing face first on  the floor . You looked behind you seeing Mikey laying on the ground not even noticing the incident you made.

Mikey's body looked so.. Not him. The body now beside you was pale ,needed food ,weak and looked like they haven't slept in days . You called out his name but didn't reply, everything you tried to get his attention didn't work . You felt like you wanted to cry about hurting Mikey, but it wouldn't help.

You sat there beside the lifeless looking body and idea popped into your head. You scooted closer to him and caressed his face automatically feeling a shiver down your spine. You leaned down to the turtle and pressed your lips on his gently letting a tear fall accidentally. You started pulling back, but was shocked when a hand held your cheek and pulled you back to the kiss feeling him kiss back and a arm around your waist holding you tight.  You both broke apart letting your forheads touch  and all y'all could do was blush  madly

Mikey: I love you Angle cakes

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