when yall cuddle: Leo

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You walked into the lair seeing nobody around already knowing they was in the dojo training.

You threw your bookbag beside the couch and threw your own self on the couch sprawled out getting comfortable while looking through the channels and stopped on your fav. Show (f/s).

You was so into the show that you didn't realize that the four turtles came out of their training . Leo saw you not taking your eyes off the t.v. and went over to you waving a hand in your face but you only concentrated on your show, going to your own world of TV.

Leo got up and called your phone only to hear it ring in your pocket and you still didn't pay no mind, he  brung out a bull horn and blew it in your ear only making you move a little to vet more comfortable. He started to shake you , make you your favorite dessert, scratch that, made Mikey make you your favorite dessert . He tried everything till he started to give ,till an idea popped in his head giving him a grin on his face .

Leo walked back to the front of the couch where you were laying on and hovered over you , still  not noticing anything. And wore a slendermans mask wanting to scare the crap out of you. As he took another step getting closer to you he yelped of pain when he looked down on the floor seeing the remote under his foot  ,looking back the now blank screen tv and next second heard a ear piercing scream from his girlfriend looking confused fumed, and sad.

You: NOOOO!!!! Leo if you wanted my attention you could've just said so

Your turtle boyfriend looked at you with a dumbfounded expression  and you just held a grin and began tugging on his arm in playful manner .

Leo: *chuckles* whats wrong (y/n)

You: I wanna cuddle

Leo: I thought you were watching something

You: I was, till some turtle turned it off

Leo: *nervous laugh* I wonder who

You: pwease cuddle with meeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Leo: OK ok OK , just stop acting like a baby

You: I'm not a baby

Leo: yes you are

You: no I'm not

Leo: yes you are

You: no I'm not.

Leo: but your my baby

All you could do was blush. Leo laughed at your cuteness and kissed you cheek and sat behind you gettk g comfortable as you played on his plastron cuddling up with your Lover in Blue

You: I love cuddling with my Blue

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