When you meet him: Mikey

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You walked out of Pizza Hut (that's the only pizza place that popped into my head) riding your skateboard down the curb not paying attention to anything and back fired on you when you got bumped into the ground  hitting your back on the concrete floor

???: sorry duddete I didn't see you there

you: its cool dude, this happens most of the time

The person helped you up and you was his orange bandana and shell and that he was a turtle

???: oh no! I wasn't post to let you see me , now your going to run away screaming

You: dude ,why would people run away from you, your TOTALLY WICKED AWESOME DUDE!!!

???:My names Michelangelo but call me Mikey for short

you: (y/n) , wanna grab some pizza

Mikey: can't duddete , gotta help my brothers

you: you got other cool brothers

Mikey: yeah but I'm the coolest out of all them and I'm the leader and brains and I got the strength of steel

you: AWESOME DUDE!!!, well I guess I'll see you later

Mikey: definat. no definif.. no that's not it defulatly. ughhh not that either

You started giggling as he tried to get the word right.

You: definitely dududdete

Mikey: bye cute lady

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