Bonus Chapter:7 You are just jealous.

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Light green or white?

What should be the theme of his nursery?

Should I hire someone to design his nursery? No, he is my baby, so I will myself pick everything for his nursery. No outside help.

Well, Baby Knight is a he... The moment we found out the gender, nothing could wipe off that proud irritating smirk from the face of the arrogant bastard.

When he mouthed I already told you, it took all my willpower not to punch him in the gut.

I slightly lean back in my seat and slowly exhale. Instantly, Nathan's eyes move to me I lightly shake my head to let him know that I am fine. 

The meeting is going on for about one hour, and honestly, my mind is not able to concentrate whatever is being discussed in the meeting.

"What is your opinion about the current market value of our company's shares?" Nathan asks one of the department head.

Nathan listens to everyone's point of views, I really appreciate his this quality. He makes others feel that their opinion matters and-

Holy Shit!

I lightly gasp, when I feel something, strong, in my belly. 

"I am already considering that," Nathan replies to whatever he has been asked.

Then again I feel it.

My hand moves to the spot on where I felt the kick, for the first in five months. My lips twitch into an involuntary smile, but I quickly cover it a with a bored expression. I definitely don't want to share this special moment with a bunch of people who are discussing business but only with the man to my left.

Even though, the selfish part of me doesn't want to tell him. As revenge for hiding the news of my own pregnancy from me.

Leaning forward I keep my arms on the red cherry wood table, hiding my bump from eyes of the others. Then discreetly, I take Nathan's hand and place it on the spot where I felt the kicks.

He straightens up and gives me a questioning sideways glance, which I happily ignore. But as the darling husband, he is, he lightly strokes my belly in comforting circles.

I have never liked this table, this much, before today.  Perfectly covering my baby and his daddy's hand. I almost regret scrapping it with my pen earlier.

"You can send me the reports, so I can have all the necessary details," Nathan speaks.

Then it happens again.

Nathan's hand stills and I can sense his shock because he also felt that.

When I turn my head to him, his face might be expressionless but I can see his eyebrows slightly raised. 

"That's all for today, and the rest of the things can be discussed later," he quickly disperses the meeting.

As soon as everyone leaves the room, I also stand to leave but Nathan grabs my wrist.

"What the hell was that?" he glances at my belly then back at my face, shock written all over his face.

"What was what?" I shrug, "I don't know what you are talking about," I innocently look at him.

"Don't try to act innocent with me, Missus, " he narrows his eyes at me, then places both his hand on my belly, "I felt is him, right?" he softly says.

"Damn," he whispers as Baby Knight kicks at the spot where Nathan has pressed his hand.

"He loves me," he grins widely his eyes fixed at his hand.

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