Chapter: 13 Reunion Part 2

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This chapter is dedicated to sonalpatildattatray, the sweetest person I have met on the Wattpad. 


"Well hello Olivia, I didn't see you were still must be strange to be a part of people like us."

People like us?! Who is she some royalty??

She's definitely a bitch. Thank God! My bitch alert is working perfectly fine.

"I thought to give you company, so you don't feel lonely," She smiles extremely fake sweet smile.

"No thanks, Megan. I have a perfect company," Olivia looks at me, "and I am enjoying it quite well."

Oh, so bitch has a name!

Olivia excuses herself and signs me to come along, we go and sit on the couch near the glass wall.

"She finds it entertaining to talk to me like that, as I don't come from an affluent background," There is a sad smile on Olivia's face as she glances at Megan.

"Liam loves you, right?" I ask her

" Yes, very much and I love him too," Her whole face brightens at the mention of Liam.

"Then it doesn't matter what she or other thinks. You came here for him, that's all," I place a reassuring hand on her arm," Money is not everything. You are lucky you found someone whom you love and he also reciprocates your feelings," I wink at her

Ben sits beside me on the couch and a gives a polite nod to Olivia, "So still friend with that crazy girl?" Ben asks about Natalie.

"Yup and our friendship still growing strong," I answer him with a proud smile.

"So still having crazy nights?" I mischievously grin at him.

"No, I am a good boy now," He innocently replies.

" Good boy my ass," I say in a low tone. He was the one who arranged strippers at Adam's bachelor's party and suggested a nude wedding.

I think he heard that because he starts laughing. Liam comes and sits on the armrest pulling Olivia to his side. Ethan makes himself comfortable on the opposite couch, as Jessica places drinks on the coffee table. Megan also joins us making Olivia roll her eyes.

Suddenly I remember Olivia mentioned, before Megan came, that she always wanted to work as a fashion designer, but due to the financial issues, she could not pursue a degree in it. My mother is a fashion designer and successfully running her company. She always encourages raw talents, so if Olivia can fulfill her dreams by her help, then there's nothing wrong with it.

" Olivia, you said you like to design clothes?" I turn my face to her and ask.

"Yes and she's really good at it,' Liam reply instead of her, a proud smile adorning his face.

" Yeah... I design but they're not as good...I just design for fun," She hesitantly answers.

" I think you should send some of your designs to Panache."

" Panache," Her eye widens a bit, then she sighs," I don't think they will even want to see my designs."

" Just give it a try, I am sure they will."

" How are you so confident that they will see my designs?" Olivia asks hesitantly.

" I don't know, but what I know that you are passionate about it and you deserve a chance."

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