Chapter: 14 How dare you touch her?

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Nathan's POV

I would never let anybody insult her and get away with it.

"I am going to kill whoever laid a finger on her or hurt her," I mumble, while frustratingly running my fingers through my hair.

The moment I enter the hallway, I see Ronnie and even my slightest doubt was confirmed, when I see him rubbing the side of his face. He is only capable of being so disgusting.

The bright red handprint on his face was proving that Abigail definitely slapped the shit out of him. But that doesn't cool down my anger in any way.

I march towards him and instantly my fist makes contact with his face. The crunching sound was enough to confirm that I have hit the jackpot.

" What the hell?!" Ronnie yells in pain as he clutches his bloodied nose.

But I am nowhere finish with him. I land him series of punches straight in his face which causes him to stumble and eventually he falls on the floor rather painfully. I roughly grab his collar and make him stand on his feet.

" How dare you touch her?" I bring his face closer and make him look at me.

I haven't felt such kind of rage in a long time.

"I didn't know what are you talking about," He stutters and tries to loosen my grip.

That lying Bastard!

Hearing the commotion Liam and Ethan come out, following Olivia and Jessica.

Ethan tries to pry me off Ronnie, but I have pinned him against the wall.

" What's going on here?" Liam asks looking between me and Ronnie with wide eyes.

"This bastard touched Abigail," I say through gritted teeth.

"No," Ronnie coughs and tries to remove my hand from his throat.

"Don't lie, I have seen you going outside, after Abigail left," Ethan says as he narrows his eyes at him.

I tighten my grip on his throat, making him choke.

" Next time if you try to do something like this, even doctors also will not be able to fix you up," I shove him hard against the wall last time and leave him, taking a step back.

I will never tolerate such behavior against Abigail or any women.

Ronnie starts coughing vigorously on the floor, as he attempts to regain his breath.

"You will have to pay for this Nathan," He wipes the blood from his mouth, his voice laced with venom.

"He doesn't pay for cheap things, "Jessica replies as she stands beside me.

"Throw him out now, I don't want him in my house," Jessica says to Ethan.

He wastes no time in dragging him outside.

Then she turns to me and carefully examines my hand.

"Damn, you used him as a punching bag," Jessica laughs lightly, "Let's get your hand clean."

She tugs me to the living room, I notice almost all the guests have left. Jessica brings the first-aid box from the kitchen and sits next to me.

"I am sorry I ruined your party," I speak as she starts cleaning my hand with alcohol swab which causes me to wince slightly.

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