Chapter 3: Bestie Therapy

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This chapter is dedicated to my first Wattpad friend Gigibold 😘


"Sweetie... wake up..." my mother runs her fingers through my hair.

"Mhmmm... Mom can I sleep little more...couldn't get much sleep last night" I further snuggle into my pillow.

" No.. Li called me and asked me to inform you she's coming to pick you up" She kisses my forehead.

I put my head into her lap " I don't remember making any plans with her.. and why does she call you?"

She sighs " You lost your phone...that reminds me you have to buy a new phone today. So now get up"

I give mom a kiss and make my way towards the bathroom. After finishing my business and getting dressed in a simple blue color shirt and black jeans. I walk outside my room to the kitchen and pour myself a glass of orange juice.

"Mom today I will get back to my apartment."

While entering the kitchen she says "Can't you stay for more days? I miss my baby girl" I give her a hug "No mom...I was already staying here for three days..I know you are worried but trust me I am fine." She gives me a sad smile.

"Abbyyyy... you better be up now or I'll kick your ass" Natalie yells as she enters the house.

" Hello to you too" I go and wraps my arms around her and she hugs me back tightly.

" Hello, Beth... I missed you." She hugs my mum and my mum kisses her head. Natalie is like a sister to me and daughter of this house. Her father works as a PA for my dad and her mother passed away when she was just a kid. My mother practically raised her.

"Hello, honey...I missed you too." As Natalie hugs her tightly which makes my mother chuckles.

I jokingly say " if this mother-daughter reunion is over...can we get going?"

Still hugging mum Natalie says "She's just jealous." My mother shakes her head smilingly.

"Ok now get going you girls and have fun"

Natalie grabs my hand drags me to her car.

When she sits in the driver seat she gives me a box from the backseat.

I give a questioning look. "just open it" she says as she starts the car and put it into gear.

"A new phone? For me?"

"No for your asshole of a husband"

I glare at her. Nathan is the last person I wanted to talk about. It has been three days since I met him. And still, I can't get him outside my head. Natalie soon realizes I haven't replied to her. She looks at me and says " Sorry Abs... I didn't mean to spoil your mood it just accidentally came out of my mouth."

I can not stay mad at her. She understands me, so well, she is always there for me. She was the first person, with whom I shared details of my complicated relationship. Instead of judging me unlike most of the people, she just said ' Abs... you should not worry I am there for you always. We can surely kick that arrogant bastard's ass you just have to say the word'.These were the words I needed to hear, not some lame advises to give time to him and this relationship.

I give her a reassuring smile " It's ok Li... I know and thanks for the phone you are the best you know"

She dramatically flips her hair "Oh babes, I know."

I promise myself to enjoy my day with her and forget every other worry of my life especially Nathan. How much efforts she is putting to brighten my mood I can't overlook it. I told her everything that had happened and she knows no matter how much I convince myself that it does not matter, it does matter.


"We are totally going clubbing tonight, we need to put these awesome dresses to use," Natalie says as she wipes the sides of her mouth with a napkin and a sip of her ice tea.

" Oh hell yes! I can not wait to see you wasted...I love your wild side " I wink at her, as I imagine how much fun I have when she is drunk. She is totally crazy when she is sober but just multiplies her craziness ten time when she is drunk.

Suddenly she gives me her special smile which is just for me and places her hand on mine " I like seeing you like this, I hate when you are sad. But now I know, whenever you are down I'll just treat you with bestie therapy."

"Oh...! annnddd" She taps her index finger on her chin and with a mischievous smile " If I'd have known you enjoy my wild side so much... I'd have given you a sexy lap dance, you know 'We aim to please'."

As soon as these words came out of her mouth I burst into laughter. We have some weird habit of quoting Fifty Shades Of Grey.

"You never cease to amaze me." I bit my lip to control my laugh.

We grab our shopping bags and start walking towards our car. Soon we are settled in comfort of our car as Natalie drive towards her home.

I glance at Natalie, who is muttering a curse under her breath at the driver in front of ours, I could not imagine my life without her. She is the pillar of my strength, no matter how much crazy and wild she is, but I can trust her with my life. She has the ability to make me laugh in my worst mood. Sometimes all you need is your best friend or bestie therapy as Natalie says, to forget about all your worries and sorrows. 

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