One Million Reads!!!

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It's Complicated has crossed the ONE MILLION MARK!!!

My dream turned into reality. When I posted the first chapter of this story, and there were zero reads, at that time I wished that one day this zero turns into one million. I thought it is stupid to dream this big, but still, your heart always goes after the impossible so mine is also no different. 

So keep on wishing for crazy stuff my heart, one day your wish will become a reality.

Thank you every one of you, who have read this book and are still reading, you guys made my dream come true. It could have not been possible without your constant support. I can't express my love for you guys. I shall always be indebted of your love and support for the rest of my life.  

Now, I have been reading a few constant questions so I would like to take this opportunity to answer them.

-Am I planning to write the sequel?

Yes, I have plans to write the sequel of It's Complicated. As your love has compelled me to write, the sequel. Also, I am missing the characters too... so yeah, the sequel is very much due in future. But I can't promise how soon I am going to start writing it. I will post updates about the sequel and my other stories in this book, so you will know. :)

-Will I write a story on Miles and Natalie?

The sequel will focus on their story, along with Nathan and Abigail's. I think Nathan and Abigail's story would have been incomplete if there's no Miles and Natalie in it. Miles and Natalie are amazing friends, and crazy as individuals. So I am sure we would love to know about them as a couple, too. And it would be fun writing about them.

-What about Adam and Hannah's story?

I think their story also deserves to be told, but I am not sure if I will write a story on them. Maybe I will write or maybe not, I haven't made up my mind yet. You guys tell should I write about them or not.

-Am I writing other stories?

Yes, currently, I am writing a new story. And probably, if everything goes by plan and I don't suffer from writer's block, I will start posting it soon. Writer's block is a bitch! 


-Who called Nathan asshole in the final chapter? :P

Well, who else could be other than our Natalie? :D 

I guess, these are the few questions which I have read often. So if you have more questions, please mention them in inline comments. 

Love you guys!❤️❤️❤️

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