Chapter: 57 Trial And Error

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Still laughing I step out of his arms and try to walk around him, but he again holds my arm, holding me in place.

"You said you never let go what is yours and now you are leaving it?" he smiles teasingly.

"Well, I already got back what is mine," I raise my eyebrows and shrug, "Now, I don't see anything which belongs to me."

"See clearly, maybe you will find something or... someone, that belong with you?" He raises his eyebrows and smiles.

"Are you trying to flirt with me?" I fold my arms.

"No, I am being serious with you," he shrugs one shoulder as his eyes held seriousness.

Suddenly the air between us shifts, one minute we were joking and teasing each other, and now there is seriousness around us.

"Nathan, I..." I shake my head, not knowing what to say.

Do I like him? Yes. 

But do I love him? I don't have an answer to this.

Do I trust him? With myself, yes. But with my heart, I don't know. 

I know, no, I believe he has changed. But still, there is lingering fear to get hurt... only to be left with nothing in the end. And this fear is not because of nothing, whatever happened has affected me. 

"Abigail," he steps closer and holds my shoulders, "I know it is difficult for you to trust me, after whatever I did with you," he sighs.

"And I am not asking you to trust me, I am just asking you to give me a chance to prove that I am worthy of your trust," he looks me hopefully. 

"Nathan, I do trust you," I look away momentarily not able to bear the burden of his gaze.

"But?" he smiles ruefully.  

"I don't know whether I can trust you with my heart," I tell him honestly while looking down, not able to see his broken smile, my eyes filling with tears.

"Then, don't," he shakes his head, "Let me prove to you that you can trust me, with yourself...with your heart."

"But you have to help me in proving myself, by giving me another chance," he lightly places his fingers under my chin and raises my face to look at him.

"I did lots of mistakes in the past, but I promise you that you will not regret giving me another chance," he says in a determined tone, "And if I let you down this time, I will not stop you from leaving me."

"But it will never come down to that. As I know you are strong enough to leave me, however, I am not strong enough to let you go," he bites his lips trying to control his emotions, which are shining in his eyes.

"I really like you and I want to be with you," his lips slightly raise in a small smile.

My heart hammering so fast, that I can hear my heartbeat in my ears. It is afraid to be broken again, it is afraid to feel something which will be snatched from it once again. However, the sincerity which resonates in each of his words is hard to ignore.

Trust me, it is not easy to put back pieces of your shattered heart. But is the person in front of me worth risking to be heartbroken again?

One look at him and my heart know the answer. 

No one can ever take his place in my heart. Even with all the heartache caused by him, it will always, going to be him or no one else. 

"Ok," I whisper and close my eyes, "I will give you the last chance."

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