Chapter: 31 My Dead Relationship

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Everything seems like a fairy tale when you are in love with the right person. However, if you love the wrong person then your whole life will turn into a nightmare...

That pretty much sums up my love life. But I have no one to blame, it is my fault that I fell in love with a wrong person and now I don't know how to stop loving him. When I agreed to live with him, somewhere I was trying to find a reason that will make me stop loving him. But I guess I failed really badly because even after everything I still love him to the point that it hurts. 

However, I have been always taught to value myself. If you want others to respect you, then you have to learn to respect yourself first. Even if I love him, but my self-respect is really important to me and I can never compromise on that.  

Last night, I realized that there is nothing in this relationship for me. And I have finally reached the decision, which was inevitable, yet it was the decision that I dreaded the most. The whole night I let myself cry because that is what normal people do when they go from heartbreak. This is not the first time I experienced this, my first heartbreak was on my wedding day, but trust me this time the pain was so unbearable that I believe it is a miracle that my heart is still beating. The first time I had hope, that one day everything will be fine, but now I know nothing is going to be fine ever. 

I unplug my curling iron, as I finish curling last lock of my hair. I check my makeup in the mirror and admire how makeup can hide everything except it can't hide the sadness in your eyes. Raking my fingers through my hair to loosen up my curls, I wear my brightest smile trying to look happy, as tonight I am going to my mom's fashion show. And it is like our family thing whenever her fashion show is in the same city as we are, we make sure to attend it. Even if it hurts to plaster a fake smile on my face, still I will keep on the pretense of being happy, as I don't want to ruin my mom's day.

"Are you alright, honey? You haven't come out of your room the whole day, even you didn't come for food?" Georgia asks as I come outside my room.

"Yeah, I am fine...I just slept the whole time," I lie.

"You look beautiful," she gushes.

"That proves I am great at doing makeup," I lightly laugh. As right now I am a total mess from inside, at least my makeup skills are helping me to look good from outside.

"Ok, I will leave now, as I am getting late," I check the time on my phone.

"Wait, are you not going with Nathan? He just came back home. I think he is getting ready," she asks while looking towards the direction where his room is.

"No, I have to reach early and if he wants to come he can come by himself," I reply her, without turning back as I open the front door and step outside.


"Mom!" I call, as I see her checking the final preparations.

"Hey! I was just about to call you," she comes to me, looking as beautiful as ever in her purple gown.

"You look beautiful, sweetie," she lovingly smiles at me, then turns to Dad who is just a few steps behind her," isn't she, Nick?" 

"We have created her, of course, she is beautiful," Dad says matter of factly, making Mom blush," but don't you think her dress should be a little longer?" he raises his eyebrow at mom.

"It is perfectly fine," Mom waves her hand dismissively at him.

"I am not saying it is not fine, I am just saying that it should be a bit longer," he replies.

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