Chapter: 71 I Vow

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To know the value of happiness, first, you have to cry...

You have to bear the pain, to shed tears of joy...

I linked my hand in Dad's arm, as Dad and I move into the place. I keep my gaze focused on the wooden deck, while I am aware of the guests on both sides of the aisle. Goosebumps appear on my skin when I feel them watching us, as the loud chattering of the guests dies down to a low humming.

There is a tingling sensation all over my body and strange fluttering in my stomach. There is no doubt or uncertainty in my heart, it just the nervousness of a bride.

Dad lightly squeezes my hand to inform me we have to walk now. I didn't realize that I am frozen in my spot until Dad gently nudges me. I swallow and take a deep breath to calm myself.

Let's just get over with this, and get to the best part... me being with him.

My heels clank against the wooden floor beneath, as I start to walk. My body is aware of a single pair of familiar eyes on me, among the dozen of sets, as a strange warmth spreads over me vanishing my anxiousness.

I raise my eyes to meet the ones, which are the source of comfort for me, owned by the person who is standing at the end of the aisle waiting for me. As soon as our eyes connect a gorgeous smile breaks onto his face, making my own lips turn upward in a smile. 

Slowly heat rises to my cheeks, as I take in his appearance. He looks breathtaking, in a navy blue tuxedo, which is tailored to perfection, fitting him like a glove. But that is not the only thing which makes him look handsome, it is the brightness in his eyes as his love for me is evident in them. The way he looks at me with love and admiration makes me feel like the luckiest girl in the world. 

Suddenly, the idea of getting married again doesn't sound stupid as it seemed sometime earlier.

 The more distance covers between us, the bigger his smile turns. I reach the end of the aisle, all the while our gaze tangled with each other. I watch him swallow hard when he offers his hand to me. 

Dad's grip on my hand tightens making me look at him. My eyes glisten when Dad clenches his jaws as he is trying to keep his composure.

"You will always have the second spot in her life," Dad stares at Nathan, "I will always be her first love, as I am her Daddy," his voice sounds slightly hoarse.

"If this time you let her down," Dad sternly say, "I will put you six feet under the soil."

"I am never going to hurt her, in any way," Nathan squarely meet his gaze, "If I ever do, I will myself give you a gun, to put a bullet in me," he promises with certainty.

No matter how much I try to control, tears slip down my face. As I watch two most important persons, in my life in front of me, whom I love with all my heart. 

Dad places my hand in Nathan's as I give him a hug. Then I turn to Nathan who is patiently holding my hand as he is looking at me with an understanding smile. 

As soon as I stand in front of him, he wipes my tears with the pad of his thumb, making me lightly laugh and shake my head. But when my gaze again met his, the intensity in them makes my heart skip a beat. The way he looks at me is like I am his world, just like he is mine. The passion and emotions on his face are so spectacular that I can't tear my gaze away, neither I want to. Even though he has not said a single word to me but his eyes are speaking volumes, conveying his every feeling to me.

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