Chapter: 48 Hope and Determination

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Nathan's POV

"She loved me?" I ask her, my mouth slightly open in shock.

"Nathan, if you don't know this, then you are the biggest idiot I have ever met!" she rolls her eyes and huffs.

"She has always loved you..." she thinks for a moment, then says, "Let me correct, she has always loved her husband, which was technically you!"

"Why do you think she tolerated your crap for so long?" she asks nodding at me.

I don't have an answer to her question as I still can't wrap my head around the fact that she loved me.

"How could she love me?" I look down and shrug, "When I never..."I trail off and sigh.

"When you never treated her well," she completed my sentence, "We are talking about Abigail here. She has always been in love with the idea of her husband. The fact that her husband was the arrogant bastard, Nathan Knight, also could not stop her from loving him."

"But it is too late," I close my eyes, "She hates me... as I have given her nothing, but pain," I clench my jaws.

"You have hurt her? Correct. But, still, she doesn't hate you!" she shakes her head.

"Hannah, she clearly told me, she doesn't want me in her life," I exasperate, "If she loved me, now she doesn't... I have lost her."

"And it is good, that she doesn't have feelings for me anymore... as I don't deserve her and her love," I purse my lips and shake my head.

"I am not worthy enough for her..." I say quietly as my throat tightens.

It is true, humans only understand the value of someone when they have lost that person. I have lost the girl I love, along with her love.

"I won't deny the love she had for you, is lost," she says blatantly, "But deep down it is still there."

"You know why she asked you to leave? So that you can move on with your life," she sighs, "Because, she can't see you hurt."

"Knowing my sister, she will never be able to love again. However, it will take time, but eventually, she will move on in her life, too. As she is the most vulnerable, at the same time, the most strongest person I have known. But she will never be truly happy," her eyes glisten.

"I did a mistake and lost her," I bit my lip as my eyes burn with unshed tears, " I have lost everything. All that is left, is regret and life long pain."

"Don't give up so easily!" she glares at me, "I don't give a damn about you, but I do care for my sister. She deserves to be loved. She deserves to be happy and her true happiness lies with you."

"Nathan, instead of giving up, rectify your mistake!" she comes and stands in front of me, "Show her that  you love her. Make her fall in love with Nathan, who cried for her... who forgot himself in taking care of her... who read Fifty Shades of Grey to her, "she lightly laughs making me smile," who loves her so much that he is willing to let her go because he thinks he doesn't deserve her."

"If she can love the fucked up Nathan Knight, then I am sure she will love Nathan too even more than you can think," she smiles and keeps her hand on my arm.

I can't stop myself from hugging her.

"Hannah, thanks," I manage to speak as I swallow my emotions.

"I am not doing anything for you," she pats my back, "I am doing this for my sister as I will do anything for my babygirl. If she had loved a gorilla also, I would have done everything to bring them together.  Even if it means to buy her a cage in a zoo," she jokes.

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