Chapter: 22 Speechless

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Can a person change, especially overnight? I don't think that's possible. So the changes which I am witnessing in Nathan are real or they are just a pretense? This question kept me up all night. Well, normally also sleep doesn't come easily to me, but this time my mind was trying to find a justified reason behind this sudden change. 

Regardless, how much I delve for answer my mind is blank. One part of me wants to believe that these are genuine changes, but the other logical part of me is having a difficult time believing it. To some extent, my apprehension is not completely wrong, I have reasons to doubt his motives than to believe him.

"Are you trying to compete with Edward Cullen?" Hanah asks as she arches an eyebrow to prompt me to answer.

"Hmm," I hum absentmindedly, still thinking about all the things that happened in these past few days.

" See? This is what I was afraid of, sleep deprivation will kill your scarce brain cells," she says while stretching her arms above her head.

I fold my arms and look at her with a bored expression.

" You know, how much lack of sleep is bad for your health?" she sighs.

"God, Hannah do you think I enjoy being awake almost all night?" I say irritatingly, "you know how much I hate depending on those stupid pills to sleep. It is like I am forcefully closing my eyes, that sleep is nowhere near to the actual peaceful sleep."

" I know but at least your body will be fully rested if not your mind," she says as leans forward and places her hand on the keyboard. If she was actually in front of me, instead of video chatting, I am sure she would have held my hand. She always grabs my hand when she is trying to make me understand something, it is her habit. 

" Ok, I will take one tonight," I say reassuringly," But,  I have to get ready for the event so I will talk to you later."

"Take care of yourself, always remember I love you even with your mental deficiency," she laughs lightly at her pathetic joke, " and your nephews love you too, in fact, more than they love me, traitors I have endured the pain to bring them in this world but they will leave me for you in an instant," she might be complaining but her voice is full of love.

" I also love them more than anything in this world," I adore my nephews, they are the best gifts that Hannah has given me, they are my light. When they are around me I completely forget everything else.

"Take one week off and come to me, we will go on shopping for this little one," she lovingly pats her seven months belly.

" I'll try, now I am hanging up otherwise, you will keep on chatting until that baby pops out of your belly, "I say and quickly end the call and shut down the laptop.

Once Hannah starts to talk then it is impossible to stop her, most of the time I am the one who disconnects the call.

I already took a shower, now I am waiting for my hair and makeup hair stylist to show up. Mom already delivered my dress and accessories, and makeup and hair will be done by the stylist, so I don't have to worry about my appearance.

Tonight I have to attend an annual fundraising event. Personally, I believe in saying that "don't let your left hand know what your right hand is doing", as mostly such events are a way uptown people show off their wealth rather than actually helping someone in need. Otherwise, what is the need for the press to cover the event?  

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