Chapter: 24 Giant Nanny

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Sun rays peep into my room through the windows, I try to block them by snuggling my face deep into the pillow. No matter how much I try to get some more sleep, it is useless as my room is already filled with sunlight. For a while, I toss and turn in my bed in hope of finding a comfortable position to sleep in, but no avail.  

Finally, after failing miserably in going back to sleep, I kick off the blanket and reach my bedside table to get my phone. I check my messages to find, five unread messages, all of them by the different persons but the message is the same " No GN."

If you are wondering that, last night I slept in the car then Nathan carried me to my bed, then you are wrong. No such thing had happened, not that I am complaining, as I will prefer it that way only. Because when we reach back I was wide awake, as Natalie called me to give me the details of her date. 

Now, getting back to the issue in hand. As it is a weekend, some of my friends made a sudden plan of clubbing, but the biggest problem is that they asked strictly not to bring Victor with me. I tried to convince them that he is really good and he can easily blend in with the...walls. However, they didn't agree. So, I have to find a way to go without him.

After going through my morning routine, I change into denim shorts and a t-shirt. I stroll to the kitchen to find Georgia making breakfast and Nathan already sitting on the kitchen stool. 

"Good Morning," I greet them, as I sit on the stool next to him.

"Morning," he smiles.

"What will you have for your breakfast? I am making pancakes," Georgia asks, flipping a pancake.

"I will just have an apple," I reply, picking up an apple from the fruit basket.

Georgia places pancakes on the plate and put it in front of Nathan, as he pours orange juice in two glasses and slides one glass to me.

I thank him and take a sip, trying to make a plan to go clubbing without Victor. 

"Hey Georgia, can you please seduce Victor to stay with you tonight?" I playfully ask Georgia. 

"What?!" Nathan chokes on his food and looks at me with wide eyes.

"I would love to, but dear I don't think Bob will like that," she replies jokingly, as she puts dirty dishes in the dishwasher and goes out of the kitchen. Bob is her husband I haven't met him, but from what she told he is a funny guy.

"Nathan, can you call in some favors, from your vast female acquaintances to keep Victor busy for just one night?" I plea giving him puppy eyes.

"What is going on your mind? Why are you so hell-bent on getting rid of Victor?" he raises his brow and turns to me.

"My friends are going to the club tonight and they don't want me to bring GN with me," I sigh defeatedly and take a small bite of the apple and chew slowly.

"GN?" he frowns in confusion.

"Giant Nanny," I roll my eyes.

He starts to laugh, his laugh is contagious as I find myself also laughing along with him.

"That's enough, stop it," I say between laugh.

"You are diverting from the issue," I chew my bottom lip," how can I get him off my back?" I look at him with a hopeful gaze that he may suggest something which will work. Suddenly, an idea pops into my mind. I nod to myself as smile creeps slowly onto my face. 

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