The way to an alpha's heart {Jungkook Fanfic}  by Black_diamond501
The way to an alpha's heart { Black_diamond501
"Aww, were you hoping that the big bad alpha was going to fall in love with you~ How sad. Here princess, let me tell you a little something. Our alpha doesn't love...
  • wattys2018
  • princess
  • jungkookxreader
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My brother's best friend  by PrettyLittleVixen18
My brother's best friend by PrettyLittleVixen18
This story is rated 18-A! Due to explicit context and mature sexual scenes. Read at your own risk! You have been warned :) After Hailey graduates from high school at the...
  • mature
  • afterdark
  • non-teen
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To Brant (REWRITE COMING SOON) by JCsStories
(REWRITE COMING SOON!!) I stared at the helmeted guy, who quickly stood up. "Watch where you're--" He shouted angrily, but stopped short. I looked at the guy...
  • boyxgirl
  • girlxboy
  • teen
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Agni Se Pavitra Rishta "VIVAH" by shivaayanika
Agni Se Pavitra Rishta "VIVAH"by @LIZ@
anika was going to married vikram but a dreadful accident change her life this accident lead her to marry shivaay singh oberoi... her boss a journey from their meeting...
  • fireaccident
  • marriage
  • shivomru
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The Unexpected Mate by furmommyof6
The Unexpected Mateby Furmommy of 6
"Say your goodbye Annie, you will not be seeing him again. You will choose a mate and be marked by next week so that you may start your training." My father sa...
  • fiction
  • sciencefiction
  • loveatfirstsight
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Arranged to my bully | jjk | by dms_wl2
Arranged to my bully | jjk |by 박 은 지
What will happen Eunji a nerd in disguise gets arranged with her bully Jeon Jungkook?will they fall in love with each other or will they hate each other even if they are...
  • wattys2018
  • greatstory
  • bangtanboys
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Henry bowers (smut) by krispysauce
Henry bowers (smut)by Typing ho
Does Henry bowers love you? Or is he playing mind tricks? Find out on your own. (Some smut, violence, et foul language)
  • secondperson
  • itmovie
  • firstchapter
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Him & I ( H.S ) by Kimmylouise_88
Him & I ( H.S )by Kimmylouise_88
"Are you okay?" I ask him. We're both looking into each other's eyes with no movement. "Is something wrong?" "I'm fine I'm just a little..."...
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  • harrystyles
  • niallhoran
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Your Love Is My Medicine by thatxtrillxkiddx
Your Love Is My Medicineby Å•R•Ï
Auhlia moved. Jahseh came back. They both didn't want love. But both got love sick. And need healing. They needed a medicine.
  • lilpump
  • firststory
  • stokeley
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Fairy Tail x Male Reader by UranoMetria13
Fairy Tail x Male Readerby UranoMetria13
When a Mysterious young man enter's the complicated life that is Fairy Tail, will they be able to stand this new player, or will everything go down in flames? The game i...
  • fairytailfanfic
  • intrigue
  • firststory
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Club Tattoo by crazy_sub1
Club Tattooby Jessica
**I wish you would have came home with me. Oh the things I could do to you.** I decide that instead of telling him I'm a virgin I'll just play hard to get. **What kind...
  • tattoos
  • virgin
  • firstloves
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She's With Us by Articiali
She's With Usby Do Not Microwave
Y'all I suck at descriptions And the first chapters of this story suck because I wanted to do something but then I changed the plot and I'm too lazy to go back and fix...
  • wattys2017
  • teenfiction
  • firststory
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If I have to (bwwm) by flowerchild_andy16
If I have to (bwwm)by flowerchild_andy16
Will love ever be loud enough to roar over demons? Will love ever be able to save those who have fallen? How far should you go for the one you love? If I have to is t...
  • lifeordeath
  • romance
  • swirl
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Kidnapped and running with the bad boys  by yahgurll
Kidnapped and running with the Sextingwbu
What would you do if you were kidnapped by the bad boys ?
  • funny
  • firststory
  • weird
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Billionaire's Beautiful Mistake by praslime
Billionaire's Beautiful Mistakeby praise okunola
"You can't touch me" I hit the wall and took a deep breath avoiding Tyler's gaze. "Am not gonna touch you. " He moved closer leaving a little space...
  • sexy
  • love
  • romance
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Love, Hate Destiny and Fate. by Purple_Dragon02
Love, Hate Destiny and Purple_Dragon02
Ben, son of the former King Beast and Queen Belle. The current king of Auradon. Mal, daughter of the mistress of all evil, Maleficent Two polar opposites. Born and rais...
  • minorbuttheyrethere
  • carlos-jane
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G-Eazy Smut by xxx-Gerald
G-Eazy Smutby The Beaut & Damned
G-Eazy Smut
  • sexy
  • firststory
  • g-eazy
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Nightmare sans x reader  by ShadowMixer
Nightmare sans x reader by ShadowMixer
You life sucks as far as you can tell, parents always fight, you get bullied, and you only have one friend. Then you get taken.... At first you freak out when you first...
  • xreader
  • dontknowwhattodo
  • sansxreader
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Not Just a Little Sister - Blaze X Reader FanFic by cutekawaiimew
Not Just a Little Sister - Blaze Sunye
You are Rylan's little sister, and are starting your freshman werewolf year at Phoenix Drop High (PDH). Rylan introduces you to his friends, but all of them seem to not...
  • love
  • fiction
  • fanfiction
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Tough Love (Damian Wayne x Reader) by BCJMR14
Tough Love (Damian Wayne x Reader)by Riley
Hoi im tem Just kidding. But anyway, this story is under vast improvements. In all honesty, I would slap past me because she made so many horrific mistakes.
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