Chapter: 35 Owen Is Dead

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Nathan's POV

I never knew a single person can make so much difference in your life until Abigail became part of my life. I regret whatever I did with her, intentionally or unintentionally, I was fucked up. But now, I am determined to make things better. I don't know how I am going to do it, but I think I can start with telling her everything truthfully. 

It is been a week, I haven't seen or talked to her and trust me that is driving me crazy. I have lost the count of how many times I have called her, in hope that maybe accidentally she will answer my call, but she never answered. In fact, from the past four days, her phone is switched off. I have also gone to her apartment, but security informed me she is not there. I consider going to Prescott's house, but then dropped the idea because the last thing I want is a very pissed off dad welcoming me with a rifle. 

Currently, I and Dad are sitting in the meeting room at the Prescott Enterprises, because this year it is their turn to hold the annual meeting. After I told Mom and Dad everything they are very upset and didn't hold back in telling me how much disappointed they are. Dad is so annoyed with me that he does not even want me to attend this meeting. But I insisted that maybe this is the only chance I can have to talk to Abigail because I know she will surely attend this meeting, as she hardly misses any annual meetings, so he gave in. 

Almost everyone has arrived in the meeting room, but the person whom I am waiting for is still not here. I slightly push back my suit sleeve to check the time, then I look back at the door because it is almost time to commence the meeting and she is still not here. 

It is stupid, but I am feeling like a teenager who is impatiently waiting for his crush.

Michael comes then announces that today's meeting will be held by him, as Nicolas will not be able to attend the meeting. Dad meets my gaze, confusion evident in his eyes like mine, as no matter what, Nicolas always attends annual meetings. 

People are discussing policies, strategies, competitors etc, but I cannot focus on anything, as my mind is filled with thoughts of certain someone, who is not here. I guess I can take the risk of being shot if that means I get a chance to meet Abigail.

However, I definitely noticed a slightly worried look on Michael's face which he is masking, his eyes keep flickering to his phone from time to time. 

After a long excruciating three hours meeting comes to an end, but the restlessness inside me doesn't end. My sub-consciousness is telling me that there is something which is not right.

"Why didn't Abigail  attend the meeting?" I ask Michael, who throw me an annoyed glare, as soon as meeting room is empty.

"If you have any questions regarding the meeting you can ask me," he replies," if not then I suggest there is no use of wasting my or your precious time," he says in a firm tone.

"Is everything alright? Nicolas always make sure to attend this meeting, "Dad asks him before I can say anything.

"Yeah everything is fine, he is just busy with some other things, that is why he could not be here," he sighs his tone softer than before. We all exist the meeting room together, as he makes his way in the opposite direction and we walk in other.

"Dad, I think he is hiding something," I say as I turn and look in the direction he walked.

"I know, maybe they don't want to meet us that's why they didn't attend the meeting," Dad sighs and shrug.

"But I want to talk to her and I am not going anywhere without talking to her," I say and before Dad can stop me, I make my way to Nicolas office.

Second later Dad comes and stands beside me and shakes his head indignantly at me, as I knock the door. Michael opens the door when he sees me, he exhales looking displeased but steps back from the door allowing me and Dad to come inside.

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