Bonus Chapter:5 Baby Mama

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When I feel someone is removing hair away from my face, my lips involuntarily start to turn upward. But then suddenly my smile halts before it has even completely reached my lips, as this touch is not familiar. Whoever it is, he is not my Nathan.

My eyes snap open as panic starts to rise inside my chest. My chest starts to constrict as I find myself in an unknown surrounding. I try to sit up, but I am unable to, my hands are tied with the bedpost. 

Tears start to well up in my eyes, which seep down my face as I close my eyes, while the feeling of being helpless consumes my heart. 

The sound of footsteps nearing the bed, makes me open my eyes and raise my head in the direction of the sound. Three figures are standing at the end of the bed as they watch me smugly, but my gaze is focused on something else... 

I tear my eyes away from the small bundle and glare at the person carrying it. Ben laughs when he notices my glare. 

"Leave him," my voice calm and cold, as I pull my wrists with all my strength to free them.

"I will leave him," his face turns sinister as he smiles, "But, not now, princess."

My heart drops down in my stomach when I hear the cry of my baby. Hearing him cry, increases my struggles to free myself not bothering about the rope digging painfully into my flesh.

I have to save him, he is in danger.

 "Ben, don't you dare hurt him," I seethe in anger.

"Don't worry, he is yours, so how I can hurt what is yours," he looks down at my baby, who is crying in his arms.

He should not have been there, he should be in my arms.

"But he is not only hers," Victor says, "He is his, too," his tone filled with hatred.

"Let him, go," I shout, "He is just a baby!"

"Okay, I will let him go," Ben says in a tone, which sends shivers down my spine.

"Nathan!" I yell with all my might, while Ben walks towards the window.

"Nathan, save him," I cry watching Ben in horror as he holds my baby.

"Please, give him to me," Tears flow from my eyes when I see my baby crying for me, "He needs me," I whisper.

"We also need you," another voice says and my heart stops.


"No, Owen is dead," I shake my head feverously.

"You are dead!" I shout at him, as he laughs.

"All this is not true," I shake my head, "This is just a dream."

"If this is a dream, then your baby will not die if I drop him from here," Ben says and throws my baby down from the window.

I try to scream, but no sound comes out of my mouth. My ears ring with the laughs of the monsters who killed my baby before my eyes.

"My baby!" I choke and I feel my body shutting down.

I wake up with a  jolt, while my heart thumping rapidly against my ribcage. My damp eyes quickly scanning the room, for any signs of those monsters. While my hands instinctually go around my small bump, cradling it in a protective manner. I look to my right and find Nathan peacefully sleeping on his stomach. Just by his presence, I feel my nerves calm down a bit.

This was the worst nightmare of my life, a nightmare which felt so real. 

Quitely, I stand up from the bed and go outside the room. Tears escape from my eyes, just by the thought of something happening to my baby. Night breeze feels cold against my tears covered face when I walk outside, in the small terrace area. 

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