Chapter:40 Don't Leave Me

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Nathan's POV

"No...No..." I frantically shake her," Open your eyes."

This can't be happening. She can't leave me.

"Please, open your eyes..." I pull her closer in my arms.

Blood is dripping down from her head, her eyes are closed and she is not...breathing.

"Baby, please... please come back to me," I choke, feeling a lump in my throat.

Her face starts to get blurry and I blink rapidly to clear my vision. 

"ABIGAIL WAKE UP!" I cry in agony.

Seeing her limp body in my arms, I feel like somebody has ripped my heart. My throat is constricting and it is almost becoming impossible for me to breath. 

My hands and clothes are covered in her blood. People are yelling at me something, but I am not able to respond to any of them. My focus is on the motionless girl in my arms. 

"I love you, baby!" I gently caress her face with one hand," I love you so much. Don't leave me," I choke on my words as tears fall from my eyes.

These words come out of my mouth like it is the most natural thing to say. At that moment clarity hits me and I know it with all my heart, I can give up anything for this girl...nothing in the world matters to me other than her. Without the shadow of a doubt, I love her. 

"Nathan," Natalie pulls my arm firmly," Let them help her... " Her voice shaky.

I let her pull me away from her, soon paramedics surround her. Natalie stands beside me completely shaken, her face pale as a ghost and she is still holding my arm. 

Never once my eyes leave Abigail's face, this is the face which I want to see all my life. 

Please don't leave me... punish me however you want, but just come back to me.

"I have got her pulse," the doctor, who was trying to revive her heart, yells.

As soon as these words register my mind, I fall on my knees as my whole body shakes with sobs. Tears fall freely from my eyes. I have never cried in front of anyone, but now I don't care who is watching me, where I am.

I cried because I hurt her... I cried because I wasn't able to give her the love which she deserved... I cried because I wasn't able to keep her safe... I cried because I was afraid that I had lost her...  I cried because I couldn't bear the thought of life without her... I cried because I realize how much she meant to me and how much I love her... 

I look up to see, Nicolas silently watching everything his face calm and composed, like he is holding back himself. But his eyes are swirling with emotions, vulnerability clearly visible in them. He closes his eyes momentarily and sighs in relief as he looks towards the sky.

Soon paramedics start to move her into the ambulance. I fervently rub my face and get on my feet, and follow them. Not wanting to leave her side, even for a moment. As I am about to get into the ambulance, one of the guys stops me.

"Let him go with her," Officer Kellar says from behind me," He is her husband," he claps my back and gives me a small nod.

"Ben?" I ask clenching my jaws tightly, as sudden anger bursts inside.

He is the one responsible for her this condition.

Kellar's face hardens hearing his name.

"He is taken care of," he informs in a hard tone.

"Please get inside, we have to move her quickly to the hospital," the doctor says. Without wasting a time, I get inside and hold her hand in mine, as we make our way to the hospital.

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