Bonus Chapter:3 Little Secret

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Nathan's POV

Abigail is not feeling well, for quite some days. She does not tell me, but I know. I can notice changes in her behavior and in her health. She is suffering from constant headaches and fatigue, and now this is worrying me.

Yesterday, I was on the verge of throwing her over my shoulder and take her to the hospital. But thankfully, after whining for half an hour and cursing the shit out of me, she agreed.

She tries to keep everything to herself, I am afraid something is bothering her and she is not sharing it with me.

What if she is suffering from depression?

No, it can't be possible everything is going fine in our lives. We are so much happy together, there is no reason for her to be depressed. Maybe the workload is too much for her, that is why she is down. Perhaps, I should talk to her to take some days off and relax or lessen her workload without letting her know.

Even better, I will just take her away from all of this until she feels better.

Twisting my body in the chair, I turn to look at the door when it opens as the doctor enters.

"Hello, Mr.Knight," the doctor greets me and I just nod in response. Yesterday, some tests were done and today doctor called me at her clinic to get the reports.

"Abigail's test reports have arrived, I will just ask my assistant to bring them in," she takes her seat behind the table, and pick up her office phone.

A moment later her assistant hands her the reports and then leaves. At this moment my heart is beating rapidly, whatever it is I just want her to be okay.

"Everything, alright?" I lean forward in my chair and ask as she is reading her reports.

"Yes, everything is absolutely fine," she looks up from the reports and gives me a reassuring smile.

However, this does not calm my anxiety, as I patiently wait for her to finish checking the reports.

"So?" I ask her as she puts the report down on the table and folds her arms over it, "There must be something wrong that is why she is not well, right?"

"There is nothing wrong, Mr.Knight," she calmly says, "She is perfectly fine, however, she is suffering from mild anemia which can be easily treated with a change in her diet and some multivitamins."

My body visibly relaxes and I exhale a sigh of relief when I find out there isn't anything much serious.

I will make sure to keep an eye on her diet, so she eats everything healthy.

"And congratulations, she is six weeks pregnant," she smiles, as soon as I hear these words my mind goes completely blank.

"She is pregnant?" I raise my eyebrows and slowly ask her, trying to confirm that I heard her correctly.

"Yes," she smiles widely and nods, "You are going to be a dad soon."

Earlier my heart was beating fast, but now I feel like my heart has stopped beating altogether. I can't believe my ears.

As the news sinks in, my heart is about to explode with happiness.

My Abigail is pregnant!

"Did you..." I swallow, trying to compose myself, "Does Abigail know, that she is pregnant?" my voice slightly cracks at the end.

"No, you have asked not to inform her about her reports, that is why I called you only," she says and writes down something on her note pad.

Yesterday, I requested the doctor not to inform Abigail about the reports, as I first wanted to know the result. So, that if there is something serious, I'd be first to know. And I would take care of it, without letting her stress about it.

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