Chapter: 36 Shoot That Bastard

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Nathan's POV

As each hour pass, I feel myself shattering. Shattering at the thought what if we can't find Abigail in time or what if we are already too late and something has happened to her. My composure slowly chipping away, as my heart weigh downs while worst scenarios go through my mind. 

Leaning against the table, I check my phone for the millionth time in the hope that maybe from somewhere I will get positive news that she is fine. I grip phone tightly in my fist as I stare at the screen, as a new wave of pain clenches my heart.

Mark lightly knocks on my open office door, to grab my attention. Raising my eyes from the screen I nod him to come inside.

"Any update?" I straighten myself and ask him, although the answer is visible on his face.

"No, Mr.Knight," he lightly shakes his head and flexes his jaws, beneath the firm tone, worry and defeat can be heard.

"We will find her soon," he says reassuringly, "I have got all my men on it."

"Run a thorough background check on everyone, who was in touch with her," I order him.

"Already on it," his eyes dart to his phone when it beeps," I will keep you updated," he nods and leaves.

Helplessness, the thing which I hate the most, is dominating all my emotions. It feels like it has been ages since I have seen her. Just a few months back even the thought of seeing her used to annoy me and now thought of never seeing her makes my blood run cold.

I harshly yank my tie and throw it on the floor, and groan frustratingly. Running my hand through my hair I exit my office, my feet have their own mind as I end up in Abigail's empty office.

Flicking on the lights I take in the surrounding, everything looks the same at the same time it isn't. The table behind where she used to sit, with a frown between her brows and lips moving in silent cursing, is empty. She thinks that I have never noticed her, however, the truth is from the moment she came into my life, she has occupied my mind to the point that used to annoy me and I would do everything in my power to ignore her. When every female around me tried to gain my attention, she was...she is an exception, without doing anything she somehow holds my attention.

Lowering myself in her seat,  I open the first drawer on the left side of the table. 

"This is the reason, she often used to skip lunch,"  I shake my head as laugh bubble up in my throat as it is filled with chocolate wrappers. 

Closing the first drawer, I lean back on the chair and open the second one. I take out a notepad and put it on the table. Leaning forward I open the notepad, my eyes skim over her beautiful cursive writing as she noted down everything on it, from random things to important. A smile tugging on my face when I read on things do to do list, she wrote: " Smash Nathan Knight's face on the nearby wall to wipe off that irritating smirk from his face."

Turning over the page I read another list named as gifts. The list contained names of almost everyone she knows, Georgia, Mark, and even Mrs.Jones name is also on the list. My eyebrows raise a little, in surprise when I read my name. Not many people gift me, so I am curious to know what she was planning to gift me. Inquisitively I check beneath my name, as under each person's name she mentioned their gift. A chuckle escapes from my mouth as I read LEGO Technic Bugatti Chiron. Then suddenly realization hits me halting my laugh. Every year for the last three years, I receive a gift from an anonymous person, now I know who this person is. Guilt churns inside me as I never acknowledged her and never treated her the way she deserved. But still, even after everything I did, instead of holding a grudge against me she always thought about me. Learning this new truth, determination to amend things with her intensifies. I feel more inclined towards her, while her absence hurting me even more.

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