Chapter: 38 They Are Here

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Nathan's POV

It's been almost all night since we have been searching for her. Officer Kellar's men have been searching her in disguise so that, whoever has kidnapped her would not be alerted. Sometimes it feels like we are really close to her and other times it is like we are just going round in circles. 

"Here," Adam comes and hands me a coffee, which I gladly accept.

"I would have never guessed Victor could be one of those, " He shakes his head and takes a sip from his coffee," All his records were clean, nothing was out of the place."

"Maybe someone cleaned his records," I shrug, as I stare ahead, "Or maybe Victor is not his real name."

He silently nods his head, then looks at Natalie who is talking to someone.

"I had no doubt that Natalie is one crazy girl, but never thought she could be such savage," he chuckles. His phone rings and he excuses himself.

I walk to Natalie, who has finished talking," Why don't you go back and rest?" I suggest her, as she has been with us almost all night.

"I won't go anywhere," she purses her lips and shakes her head.

After standing there in silence for a few moments, I can't stop myself from asking.

"Was she going away because of me?" I sigh and hesitantly ask her, somewhere I know the answer, but still, I need to hear it from her.

"Why there is need to ask such question when you already know the answer," she straight looks into my eyes," If you expect me to give you any other answer because you are feeling guilty then you are wrong."

"Her life was never easy, but you also left no stone unturned to make it worst," her tone is even, as if she is stating a fact," I don't get it now why are you here? Just go home and sleep or do whatever the hell you do. When we will find her, we will inform you."

"You also know I am concerned about her," I close my eyes for a moment," it is not like I am happy about whatever has happened."

Adam approaches us still talking on his phone, abruptly his relax expression turns into a stony, he slowly nods and says," I will let you know if we find anything."

"I think I know who has Abigail," he clenches his jaws.


I wake up with the worst headache ever, I think probably this is how people feel when they are having a hangover. Slowly, I take in my surroundings, only to find myself in an unfamiliar place. 

Where am I? How long I have been here?

I try to move my hands, but they are tightly tied to the armrest of the chair with rope. Even my feet are tied to chair's legs. 

My thoughts are disoriented, clenching my eyes tightly I shake my head as I try to clear my mind. Gradually, the haze lifts and I am more awake, as previous events come crashing down on me. 

Oh, God!  That Victor is one of them. He kidnapped me!

Quickly I scan around the room, in which I am held. The room is bare apart from two chairs and a mattress. There is a window on the opposite wall, from which I can make out outlines of the trees surrounded by darkness. The room is not poorly lit, so even it is dark outside, inside the room, there is enough light. 

I can hear a faint male voice from outside of the door, but it is unclear, from the conversation I can judge he is talking on the phone because there is no second voice, other than his. 

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