Chapter 4: From Happy to Frustrated

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Loud music is blaring when we entered the club, without wasting a moment Natalie dragged me to the dance floor. It was packed due to the weekend, but somehow we managed to squeeze in. Natalie being Natalie, started to sway her body instantly along with the music. Seeing her enjoying, actually made me happy at least there is someone who I can make happy. When she noticed I am not dancing, she started dancing around me. This girl is crazy

I closed my eyes and let myself relax and move along the beat. Soon we both were, laughing and dancing like crazy. Dancing has always been a stress buster for me, and My friend knows it too well and I am thankful for that. After half an hour we decided to take a break from dancing and headed towards the bar. 

"We should do this more often, it is been ages since we had this much fun." Natalie bobbing her head to the music as she orders drinks.

"I totally agree with you girl, work and study are making me crazy...nights like this help me to de-stress myself." I realize how much my life is getting complicated day by day. Work, studies, and above all my strained relationship... Everyone expects me to behave in a certain way and in somewhat to live up to their expectations I am losing myself.

Natalie senses my worry " Abby I know you are going through some shit... but do not let this dull your personality.. do not lose yourself. I love my Abby and do not want her to change." She lightly squeezes my hand.

I smile at my friend's concern " I know Li, I also do not want to lose myself." I take a deep breath and slowly exhale " All this, is too much to take... It is not easy to fulfill everyone's expectations, but I promise you every time I feel like going insane I'll ask you to take me away from this drama." 

"That's gonna be so much fun, you and me exploring new places and having time of our life without the worry of the world." She excitedly says.

She opens her mouth to says something, but suddenly I feel her expression, turned from excited to scowl "WHAT THE FUCK?!" 

I turn my head towards where she is staring, and there goes my fun night.

Nathan Knight standing there with a girl hanging on his arm. Why? Why do I have such a bad luck? The last person I wished to see here is in front of me. I turn my head back to Natalie, who is trying to murder him with looks before he can see me not that it would have made any difference but still. 

" Natalie" No response. 

"Natalie" again no response.

I shake her a bit " Natalie"

This time a get a response "That fucking asshole! I gonna-" before she could say anything else I interrupt her.

"Li  there is no need to spoil your mood, leave it." 

"Ok! but, we are leaving" She holds my hand and tries to drag me.

"No, we are not leaving! We are staying here and going to enjoy our night as we have planned."  

"But how can you stay here... he is here with another girl and now shoving his tongue down her throat." she again looks in his direction with disgust.

"I don't give a damn." to lighten her mood I joke "Tell me if he is eating any boy's face then, it will be something new and worth seeing. I'll snap them together and make some money out of it."

She laughs a bit" Only you can be so cool about it if he was my husband I would have killed him by now." she pauses and adds " Tell me truthfully, does not it hurt?"

Without missing a beat I answer her truthfully "It does hurt."

She gives me a sad smile, but she does not ask me anything further, which I truly appreciate "I wish I could do something about it, Abby."

"Hey, there beautiful." A new voice gets our attention and I am so glad for this distraction

We shift our attention to the source of the voice. A handsome looking man is standing in front of us and he has eyes for my girl. I smile when I see Natalie face as she is also giving him flirtatious smile.

"Hey," we both say in unison.

This man definitely knows how to carry himself. He is attractive and for some reason, he does not seem to be threat or danger. So I relaxed a bit and thought to let Natalie have a bit of fun.

"My name is Miles. Do you mind if I join you girls? my friend is busy somewhere and I definitely would not want to miss the company of such beautiful girls."

I quickly say "Yeah sure why not! I am married." I raise my hand to show him my wedding band "But she's single." I wink at Natalie, who seems interested in him. 

"I am glad she's single." he smiles seeing Natalie. "But I am although a bit surprised that you are married."  I am feeling relieved that because of him Natalie will forget about Nathan and enjoy herself.

" is so unfortunate, right? That she is off limits, I really feel bad for all the hot males out there." Natalie mocks fake sympathy. 

"So do you came here with your husband?" he questions but keeps stealing glances at Natalie.

"No, actually he's a busy man and usually not around due to his business commitments." I give him the well-versed answer. Anyone who asks about my husband I gave them this answer. So it saves me from further explanation. Natalie looks pissed at the mention of Nathan. 

From the corner of the eye, I can feel somebody is coming in our direction. 

" He's a businessman." I nod my head. Why the hell is he so interested in my husband? Please drop this conversation and focus on Natalie man. "Then maybe I would know him, whom are you married to?" he asks.

Before I can ask him to stop him with the interrogation. Natalie answers him in an annoyed tone " Asshole!" we both snap our head towards Natalie who is angrily looking at someone beside me.

" She's married to an asshole." I look at my side and find asshole...I mean Nathan, in a disheveled condition surely which is a result of some action, standing there. He is looking at Natalie with an amused expression and then finally he notices me. I keep my face expressionless because I do not want to acknowledge him at all. He does not deserve it.

I internally groan as our mood goes from happy to frustrated in a matter of some hours. Natalie holds my hand and drags me not before throwing a dirty look at Nathan and this time I allow her to take me away from here.

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