Chapter: 67 Hash Brownies

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"I didn't have this thing in mind when I agreed to come with you," Nathan leans forward in his chair.

"This is ridiculous!" Nathan shakes his head and sighs, making me roll my eyes.

"Abigail, are you even listening to me!" he throws his hand up in frustration.

"Yes, I have been listening to you," I close my eyes and nod my head, as I have started to get a headache from his constant whining.

"Abigail..." he almost sounds like five years old.

"Nathan, stop whining," I glare at him, "You are behaving like five years old kid."

"I am not whining," he again whines, as I purse my lips together to stop myself from laughing.

"And I not behaving like five years old," he folds his arms and leans back in his chair, proving my point.

"Nathan, it is just a test," I slightly laugh, and stop when I see his glum expression, "A simple and important test," I nod.

"Abigail, I have not been with anyone since a long time," he leans towards me as he whispers harshly.

"Nathan, don't get me wrong," I say as I feel slighted irritated with his constant complains, "You have changed now, that does not mean you were not a manwhore before," I glare at him, as his eyes become the size of saucers.

"These tests will make sure that I am not getting any complimentary items along with you from your previous life," I shrug, "If you are planning to embrace lifetime celibacy, so it is fine with me, then you will not have to take any tests."

"Hell, no!" he shakes his head quickly.

"If you think that now I love you, my views about overused things will change? Then you are wrong. I am making exceptions just for you," I lean forward and narrow my eyes at him, "Your soul has been purged, but now it is time to determine that your exterior needs overhauling or not or you will have to adopt celibacy."

"I had my tests, I am clean," he sighs, "I don't need to go through these tests again," he pleads as a nurse comes inside and starts taking out things required for blood tests. Nathan slightly pales seeing needles, but still keeps his face stoic.

Oh, shit! This is gold.

Seeing this, realization draws on me making it difficult to stop the erupting laughter in my chest.

"Are you?" I point at him and quietly ask, and bite my lip to stop my laughter.

"Shut up," he clenches his jaws, eyes fixed on blood test supplies, "Just shut up."


"Abigail Knight, don't you dare say a word," Nathan glares at me and slowly shakes his head.

"Okay," I exhale getting hold of my laughter.

I almost feel bad for making him go through this, but it was his fault for being a you-know-what-I-mean so... yeah, needles for him.

I glance at the middle-aged nurse looking at us with an amused expression. I give her a small smile and shrug, she nods her head in understanding.

"Baby," I sweetly whisper and stand in front of him as I place my hand on his face, obscuring his view. My soft voice even surprised me, so he being in shock is a complete understatement.

I give a discreet wink to the nurse, who quickly shakes her head and smiles, as she starts to work on taking blood samples.

"Have I ever told you, how much I love you?" I caress his face as he is looking at me with wide eyes, "How much I want you?" I say gently.

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