Chapter 11: Change Of Behavior

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It's been two days since I have actually talked to Nathan. During office, I try to keep the conversation with him as little as possible. However, he is living up to his word of making my life hell. I knew there is something going on his mind when he wanted me to work with him. But, I never thought he could be this childish. 

Once, he "accidentally" spilled water on the file which I was working on, and thanks to that accident I had to stay late at work. Then, another time he started making out in front of me in the elevator with some friend of his as if he didn't see me. At that time I had this strong urge to poke his both eyes with a pen and make him blind. If these things were not enough for him, he deleted the report from my laptop, which I had to present today in the meeting. But, thankfully I always keep a copy of my work, in case something happens. Since my few days of experience working with him, instead of single, I keep tons of copies of my work. 

Oh God! I feel like I am in high school all over again.

"Abigail, Mr. Knight wants to meet you in his office."  Mrs.Jones pops her head in my office and informs me.Mrs.Jones is a middle-aged lady, she is really sweet and always has a smile on her face.

"Thanks, Mrs.Jones. I'll check what he wants." I raise my head from the laptop screen and reply.

Before, going to his office, I decided to make a quick call to ask him what he wants. 

"Nathan, Mrs.Jone informed me you want to meet me."


"Ok, so what's it about? Should I bring the files which you send me?" I ask because I don't want to make an unnecessary trip back to his office.

"No, no need to bring any files, just come over," He hangs up the call. 

I check my watch and it is almost time to get home, so I shut down my laptop, placed it in the bag and turned off the lights. While walking towards his office, I shoot a quick text to Natalie to inform her that I am done with my work and heading off home. Home, not the house where I live, but I guess for me home is the room in which I am living. She got really worried when I told her about the call and asked me to inform her whenever I am going out. She actually calls me every hour to check on me. I can't express how much I love her, even though sometimes she gets overbearing but I know she does all out of concern. That's why I try to do as she says, so she doesn't worry about me too much.

When I reach Nathan's office I find his door is already open so instead of knocking, I directly ask, " Can I come in?"

He walks over to the door and motions me to come inside and closes the door.

Ok, this is weird. Is this the part where he kills me? 

" I want you to come with me tonight," He turns to me and says.

Ok, he definitely wants to kill me.

I raise my eyebrows questioningly, in response.

He slowly walks and stands in front of me," My friend is having a get together at his place and my friends want to meet you."

"Ok, but why they want to meet me?" 

This doesn't make any sense, but when does anything make sense when it comes to Nathan Knight.   

"They know about you and our marriage." He shrugs as if it is not a big deal.

"Ok...This is new," I say to myself. This is quite surprising that his friends not only know about our marriage but also about me.

Suddenly a question pops up in my mind," Do they know the reality of our marriage?"

He nods his head. 

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