Chapter: 52 My Stupidity

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Nathan's POV

"See, she has gifted me this digital photo frame," Miles shoves digital photo frame in my face, "she is so sweet... she even uploaded pictures for me."

From the moment I have woken up, he has been telling me about his gift. It was okay, for the first hour, but now it is almost four hours! And after every, fifteen minutes he shows this photo frame to me.

"Yeah, I have already seen it, hundred times," I turn my face to the other side and push his hand away," And you don't have to shove it in my face to show me," I say through my teeth, trying to stop myself from beating the birthday boy, "I am capable of seeing it from far."

Ignoring whatever I have said, Miles continues to praise his gift.

"This is so amazing, I simply love it... You know, this the best gift which I have got," Miles looks at the frame and grins.

"But as far as I remember last year you told me that I gave you the best gift ever when I gifted you the car," I narrow my eyes at him accusingly.

"Yeah, but I didn't know that Abigail will gift me this," he points to the frame, "this year."

 "And actually, I bought that car, you just paid for it," he says proudly.

"Happy Birthday Miles!" I glare at him and roughly pat his cheek, "But remember after midnight your birthday will be over and you will no more a birthday boy. Then nothing will stop me from beating you."

"I think somebody is calling me," he quickly goes upstairs.

"I will help you in beating him," Natalie groans as she enters the kitchen and pours two cups of coffee.

She sits beside me and hands me the other cup, while she takes a sip from her cup. I gladly accept it, even when I already had breakfast, as Miles has given me a headache by his non-sense talk.

"He woke me up by showing his amazing gift," she closes her eyes and shakes her head.

"I have been tolerating this for four hours," I sigh.

"You have earned my respect," she slightly raises her cup to me.

 "But you will earn more if you will keep him away from me as I try to sleep some more," she folds her arms on the kitchen island and keeps her head on them. 

I lightly chuckle as I notice she has fallen asleep in just a few minutes.


The sun is high up in the sky. Everyone is either in the water or getting a tan or simply goofing around. Adjusting my shades, I run a hand through my hair. 

"Hey, I am going in the water," Miles says and takes his shirt off and tosses it on the wooden porch. 

"Ok, I will join you later," I nod and take a long swig of the cold beer.

Leaning on the wooden railing, I watch him and some of his cousins pushing each other in the water. The door behind me opens and Abigail walks past me.

I open my mouth to call her, but words die in my throat when I see her. I did a double take to confirm if it is really her. My eyebrows shoot up in surprise as I take in her appearance.

Abigail saunters towards the water wearing a dark green bikini and a white crochet cover-up. 

Holy Shit! She is looking hot!

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