Chapter 1: Unusual Married Life

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Change is the only constant thing in the world. Some changes are good and some turn out be a lesson. But what about those changes which bring your life to halt? I have never realized one single change can have such a great impact on my life.

 Happy Anniversary


Mr. Nathan Knight

" How romantic and lovely Mr. Husband," I open the last drawer of my table and tossed the note inside where there were other similar notes.

I ask Lucy, my colleague/friend, to take the flowers outside my office, as I am allergic to orchids.  I remember once my mother said she does not like eating lunch alone in her office, my father from that day made sure to eat lunch with her. He never accepted it, but he always makes some excuse to be with her at lunch. And here my dear husband does not even know his wife is allergic to orchids.

But what can I say our relationship is not like other husband and wife. I am married for three years and still living separately. Yes, I and my husband do not live under the same roof, like never. After marriage we went our own ways, it sounds more like something which happens after divorce. It was already decided that after marriage we both will our lives as we were living. As we both were, as I quote my husband, 'not stable in our lives and need time'. 

Sometimes I feel like crying.. screaming... shouting to let out all my feelings, but I know it will not make any difference.  My life is messed up, I know my husband does not love me, hell he is not even cordial with me. We hardly talk, we go on ten minutes dinner as apparently he has some very important work and had to leave the dinner.

" Abigail!"

" Yes, Lucy." 

" You have a date with your husband, Mrs. Prescott asked me to inform you and she also asked you to come home in half an hour," Lucy says while entering my office.

" Thanks for reminding... I am just about to leave. Can you please go through these files again and check if I missed any important point I have to prepare for the meeting."

" Do not worry Abigail, I'll check these files you just focus on your date," she winks at me.


"Mom I am home!!!"

My mom comes downstairs, with a warm motherly smile which is enough to de-stress me. But today nothing can help me to calm down. 

" Look at you my girl has been married to three years... happy anniversary my sweetie." Mom hugs me tightly. Tears filled my eyes, threatening to release, my marriage was anything but happy. 

"Mom..." I sigh, trying to contain myself. But my mom can see through me easily. She gives me a sad smile " Everything will be fine sweetie, just give some time."

"Some time mom! three years...three years... I have given three years of my life. I am married to a person who does not even care about me. He hates me, mom..." I hastily wipe my tears which escaped from my eyes.

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