Chapter: 68 Our Future

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Nathan's POV

"Adam, do something Mom will kill me if she found about any of this," Hannah quickly strolls towards us wearing a panic looked.

"Calm down," Adam tries to calm her, as my gaze wanders around the to evaluate the damage.

Nothing seems out of place, apart from the living room, which gives sort of a club vibes with a dancing pole placed in the middle.

What were they doing?

"Where is everyone?" Adam asks Hannah. She is standing with one hand on her hip while the other hand is placed on her forehead.

"Sara brought those damn brownies," Hannah grits her teeth together, "She ate the most, she is completely smashed, so Rachel took her to her home."

"Abigail and Natalie also consumed them and..." Hannah bites her nails, "Mom is going to kill me."

"Where are they?" I ask her, keeping my ears open to hear any sound, but surprisingly everything is quiet.

"Inside the guest bedroom," she rushes us inside.

"Miles, can you please put the Dylan in the bed and stay with there," Hannah turns to Miles, who is carrying sleeping Dylan and, Logan is sleeping in Adam's arms.

Both kids, thankfully, fell asleep in the car while we were driving back from Miles house.

"I will also put Logan to bed, then I will come," Adam motions Miles to follow him, as I follow Hannah.

"Please don't laugh," Hannah says, as she is trying to hold her own laugh, as we stop outside the door.

"What is the matter?" I ask her in confusion.

"I convinced Natalie that she is a teapot," she gives out a laugh, "And I told Abigail that she is a cupcake."

"What?!" I also laugh along with her.

"What! This is the best I could come up with," she exhales trying to control her laugh, "this was the only thing which made them sit quietly, as before they both were enacting as Elsa and Olaf and throwing ice everywhere."

"Any other warning which I may need?" I raise my eyebrows.

"Nope," She shakes her head, "I think, for now, we are fine."

When we enter the room, there is complete silence, beside low humming sound.

My eyes zero on Abigail who is sitting, at the foot of the bed, on the floor in a cross-legged position, looking extremely innocent and adorable. While Natalie is pouring water on the floor keeping one hand on her waist, this is so hilarious that it is really hard for me to stop myself from laughing.

"Shut up," Hannah scolds me, which only results in more laughter as she is trying to stop Natalie from pouring water on the floor. 

Natalie the teapot.

"Nathan!" Hannah sounds irritated.

"You were the only one who made her teapot!" I laugh but raise my hands in surrender as she huffs.

"Hello," I sit beside Abigail, who smiles at me then continues to sing.

"Let it go... let it go... can't hold me back anymore..." she quietly continues to hum.

"I am a cupcake," she cutely says, "I was Queen Elsa, but that beautiful witch turned me into a cupcake... now I am a musical Elsa cupcake," she smiles and points at Hannah.

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