Chapter: 19 Bodyguard

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" It went well, apart from him indirectly putting different suicide methods in my mind," I roll my eyes, as I put house keys in the bowl placed beside the front door, adjusting my grip on the phone while talking to Hannah.

" I don't think I am going for any other session also I don't need it in the first place. Mom emotionally blackmailed me to go, so I had to give in," I groan. 

I hate going to these sessions, after the Owen incident mom and dad, made me go to seek professional help to overcome the trauma. It was really difficult to open up to some stranger, eventually, I understood that I have to get over it somehow and have to talk about it. I can't presume that it had never happened and sweep it under the carpet. Initial days were very difficult but gradually it became easy and helped me to move on in my life. I just wanted to get back to my normal life as soon as possible, even if it meant talking about something which kills me.

" Don't worry I am not taking any medicines that weirdo prescribed me I have torn the prescription soon after getting out of his clinic," I laugh. 

From the background, I can hear Adam's voice complaining that I don't call him and don't love him anymore. 

Instead, of a brother in law, Adam is more like a brother to me. In fact, sometimes Hannah accuses Adam of stealing me from her. 

" Adam, I love you and I promise I will call you soon," I smile to myself and hang up on them when I hear them bickering on whom I love more.

" Oh My God! You scared me," I place my hand over my heart as I get startle seeing Nathan standing in front of me. 

" What's the matter? Date kicked you out of her house early in the morning?" I raise my eyebrow and ask noticing frown on Nathan's face.

" Where were you?" he asks glaring at me.

Why is he angry? Didn't get enough action last night?

" Out...running some errands," I shrug, not bothering to inform him about my session, as I have already told him more than I would have liked. I check my watch realizing I am getting late for work.

" I am running late for work so I will go and get ready," I walk past him. 

Already I have a crappy start of the day by wasting my two hours at the doctor's clinic, which includes one disastrous hour of counseling. So, I don't want to ruin it anymore by getting late to work.

  " We are not going to the office, I have to meet some investors at a lunch meeting, so you will be accompanying me," he says making me turn on my heels.

" Lunch meeting? you didn't tell me before," I question him, " and why should I come with you? I am not your personal assistant."

 Suddenly I feel I will not like whatever he will say next.

" It slipped out my mind, yesterday," he shrugs and then with the evil grin he says," position of my personal assistant is vacant, and you will be filling in for the position till I find another."

I know it... something is going on in his mind.

"Let me guess it will take a very long time for you to find another one," I say through clenched teeth. 

He doesn't answer me but looks at me with his stupid smirk, confirming my assumption.

Sometimes I feel he is my master and I am his slave. Once I pointed out to him that he makes me work more than anybody else and I am not even his employee. He blatantly told me that I don't work with him but I work for him so I have to follow his orders. So in short, I am a modern day slave.

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