Chapter: 69 My Favorite Cupcake

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Splashing my face with cold water, I come out of the bathroom and lie down on my bed. I have been feeling sick since I have woken up with the worst headache I have had ever experienced.

Getting home from Hannah's was another big struggle. As almost even slightest bump on the road or any sound made my head feel like as it has been banged hard. 

The last clear memory from last night, which I have, is eating those damn brownies. I would have killed Sara for bringing those brownies if she would have not fallen sick after consuming those poisoned things. 

After taking pain killers for my headache and almost spilling my guts in the toilet. I am feeling slightly better. As time passes I am remembering things from last nights. Natalie pouring water around, Hannah screaming at us with frustration, me singing Frozen song, Nathan...

"Oh. My. God!" I shout and stand up a little too quickly. I wince when my head slightly spins from quick motion.

A memory of harshly pulling Nathan's hair surfaced in my mind, making me shocked and guilty at the same time.

Why was I, pulling his hair in the first place?

Well, let's leave that revelation to later. But I have to apologize to him and find out he still has hair on his head. I hope I hadn't pulled a chunk out of his head.

I don't think he can pull off a bald look, like Dwyane Johnson.

Quickly changing into some jeans and shirt I take off to his office, as this is where he is possibly going to be. Well, I should also be working, but thanks to the last night, I had to call in sick.

Will he be mad at me?

Of course, he is going to be. I know how much strong my grip is. I once accidentally pulled my own hair in my sleep and it hurt really really really bad. So, I can assume with how much strength wasted me might have pulled his hair. 

God! what the hell I was thinking?  Definitely, nothing.

Once I reached his office, I hurriedly walk, towards his room. Ignoring everyone, precisely females, who is giving me a weird look. 

Well, I think I will be forever in hate list of some people.

"Where is Amelia?" I ask the girl standing beside Amelia's empty desk.

"She took off today," she frowns at me, as she replies.

I simply nod and make my way to his office.

"You are not supposed to go inside," she quickly tries to stop me before I can knock, "He strictly ordered not to be disturbed by anyone."

"It is fine," I pursed my lips to stop myself from grinning, "He will not mind being disturbed by me."

My man is, maybe, mad at me. I don't think his anger can stop me from going to him.

"But-" she slightly looks panicked.

"Relax," I assure her, "I will tell him that you stopped me but I was adamant to meet him," I wink at her and knock his door.

"He is alone, right?" I ask her before she can leave.

The last thing is, I want to embarrass myself is by entering into his room when he is with someone.  


"Okay, thanks," I say, then opening his door I carefully peek inside.

"I asked not to be disturbed" he snaps and looks up from his laptop.

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