Chapter: 58 Valentine's Day

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I am happy!

Surprisingly, I am feeling happy. This feeling is foreign to me because, for the past few months or maybe years, I have never been happy. Maybe somewhere I had forgotten how it feels to be truly happy. But now when I realize what true happiness is, I never want to let go of this feeling.

The happiness of being liberated from my past. The past which was still somewhere connected to me, but with forgiving Nathan I am feeling some weight has been lifted off of my heart. I never thought the act of forgiveness can bring so much change in me. I feel light and content.

Nathan and I, we are more like close friends. It is been a week since we have started 'dating', but I feel like there is a strong bond of friendship brewing between us. The relationship between us is more carefree and untroubled and, I like this new and improved version of Nathan. 

The last week has been crazy and we both have been busy with our work. So, we really didn't get the time to meet or talk much, but still, he manages to call even if we talk for a few minutes. Due to some work, he is out of town for the past four days, and we just chatted on texts once or twice.

I miss him. Not that I will tell him.

Today is Valentine's day and like every year I am celebrating it with me, by pampering myself. Because I believe every person should learn to love himself first. Self-love is really important. Love yourself... your flaws...your strengths, if you do, then I don't think anyone can bring you down. 

Your life is like a movie and you are the star of it, so be your own fan.

"This feels so good," I close my eyes leaning back in the chair, as my feet are submerged in rippling warm water. 

I already had my manicure treatment, so now I am treating myself with a foot massage.

"This really feels so damn good," I sigh, as the masseuse starts massaging my foot.

The lady massaging my feet gives me a polite smile, then continues to do her magic as I feel my whole body relaxing. 

After paying for the treatments, I walk outside the salon. Standing in the parking lot I search for my car keys in my purse while thinking about what should I do next. After checking in the same pocket twice, finally, I find my keys and take it out.

"Maybe I should get something to eat," grumbling in my stomach reminds me that I haven't eaten anything since morning, and now it is almost evening. 

"Maybe you should turn around," a voice, behind me, startles me.

 "What are you doing here?" My voice full of astonishment, when I see Nathan standing in front of me. 

"Nothing, just taking you with me," he shrugs and grins. I look at him with wide eyes, still slightly in shock, then slowly smile finds its way onto my face.

"I missed you," he hugs me and sighs.

"How did you know where I was?" I hug him back because I too missed him, "And when did you come back?"

"I have my own sources," he smugly says answering my first question, making me roll my eyes, as he unwraps his arms and holds my hand, "I came back early in the morning, as I wanted to celebrate Valentine's day with my Abigail," he looks down at me with an adoring expression. I almost smile to myself when he said my Abigail.

I like the sound of my name from his mouth.

"Come on let's go," he slightly tugs my hand.

"But my car?" I frown, there is no way I am leaving my car here.

"My driver will drive it back home," he takes keys from my hand keeps it in his pocket.

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