Chapter: 59 I Am Happy

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"This is amazing," I whisper as quietly as I can, not wanting to ruin the serene atmosphere in which we are wrapped, as I gaze into his smiling eyes. 

"I am glad you liked it," he also keeps his voice low while gently caressing my face with his fingers.

"Can we just stay like this for few more moments?" he says when I try to move away from him. There is something in his voice which makes me frown.

"What happened?" I ask as I try to read his face.

"Nothing," he shakes his head not meeting my eyes and envelopes me in his arms.

"You can tell me," I urge and rest my head on his chest listening to his slight rapid heartbeats.

"I am the worst person ever," he says quietly. 

Hearing his words I lean my head back to look at him, but keeping one hand behind my head, he puts my head back on his chest while lightly kneading his fingers in my hair.

"I should have always treated you like this," he sighs, "I am sorry, I was a..." he pauses to think for the right word.

"Jerk, asshole, asshat, fucktard, moron, scumbag, swine?" I close my eyes inhaling the light musky smell of his perfume, as I suggest some right words for him.

"Abigail, you know I haven't been insulted in my entire life, how much you insult me," he exclaims with a frustrated sigh.

"Get used to it, because most of your actions are worth being insulted by me," I suppress my smile, feeling pleased with myself for changing his sudden sullen mood.

His laugh vibrates through his chest, causing flutters in my stomach. He kisses my head unwrapping his arms. The lost of his warmth, run shivers down my spine making my body aware of the chillness present in the air.

He takes out his phone from his pocket and checks it, I didn't hear it ringing so maybe it is on vibration.

"I will be right back," he says and walks outside the door.

When he leaves, I wander through the flowers as an easy smile settles on my lips. I place the bouquet on the table then walk towards the canopy and peer inside it, to find throw pillows, quilt, and packets of chips. Ducking inside I grab a packet of sour cream and onion chips and without wasting time I start munching them. In a few minutes, I manage to finish the chips because I was starving.

Dusting my hands on the jeans, I walk near the edge of the rooftop and place my arms on it, enjoying the beautiful scene unfolding before my eyes, as the sun sets leaving splashes of purple, pink and orange behind it. As the wind blows I can feel goosebumps rising on my arms as shake my head to remove strands of hair, from my face to the side.

"The view is mesmerizing, isn't it?" Nathan places his arms on either side of me, on the edge, caging me in between. 

"Hmm," I hum in approval and lean back on his chest.

"Damn, you are so warm," I say feeling the warmth radiating off of his body.

"Is this a subtle way of saying that I am hot?" he chuckles as his warm breath tickles the side of my face.

"Nathan, you of all the people should know by now that I am anything, but subtle," I roll my eyes, though he can't see that, "My not-so-subtle nature made me, favorite of many and the list keeps on growing."

"Come let's eat, before the pizza gets cold," he holds my shoulders and turns me around, and leads me to the table, where pizza boxes are placed. 

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