Chapter 7: Knights are for princesses

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"Mom, this tastes like heaven," I take a mouthful of chocolate cake, "You bake the best chocolate cake in the whole world."

" I am baking chocolate chip cookies too, I will pack some extra for you. But you will have to share it with Nathan." Mom says

"Ok...but why do I have to share it with Nathan?" I put my fork down and fold my arms on top of the kitchen island.

" Because, when you are living with someone you should share." She says slowly.

"How do you know...." I trail off. 

I don't remember informing about it, neither Hannah will tell her without letting me know. So how she found out?

"I didn't know," She answers, seeing my confused look 

" But I do know my daughter... and that she doesn't give up easily."  

"Mom, you are right I have decided I'll move in with Nathan." I pause and look up to see her face," But the reason might not be the one which you are thinking." 

It is not difficult to tell that, like every other family member, my mother also wants us to accept each other. It looks like she believes that, this step can help us to build our relationship.

"I don't know the reason, but what I know is," She comes to me and places her hand on my shoulder, "If something saves you from the regret in future, then it is the best thing to do."

" It is better to take chances in the present instead of, regretting about the things which you'd have done in the past. " She adds with a smile.

I return her smile and hug her," I don't know what I have done  to have such amazing people in my life."

Seriously, I am blessed to be surrounded by people who not only loves me but also guides me. I would not have been the half of the person that I am today without them.

I again continue devouring, the heavenly tasting, chocolate cake, and mom get back to baking her second batch of chocolate chip cookies.


I parked my car outside Natalie's house and prepare myself for the explosion, which is about to happen when I'll break her the news of my moving in with Nathan. After going through my mind how I am going to tell her, I step outside the car and ring her doorbell. 

"Coming," I hear her faint voice.

After a few seconds, she opens the door. Before she could say anything I close my eyes and blurt out.

"I am moving in with Nathan." I open my eyes slowly to see her reaction.

To my utter surprise, she just staring at me. What? This isn't what I have expected...

 "Wh-Why are you not shouting?" I question her, slightly confused.

She pulls me inside and locks the door. I sit on the couch in the living room, as she goes into the kitchen. She comes with two cups of coffee and hands me my cup which I accept gratefully. As soon as she settles down, I jump into explaining to her what happened and why I decided to accept to live with him. All this time Natalie didn't say a word, which is strange.

"Ok, now you are freaking me out... I expected you will go all ballistic, but here you are just sitting quietly."

"Well, trust me there is a volcano erupting inside me and I want to chop off his head," She puts her cup on the coffee table and turns to me, "Yet I am happy you made this decision."

"You also think that I not making any mistake?"

"No, I completely agree with what Hannah said this way it will be easier for you to get out of this relationship without any regrets." She replies while saying the word 'relationship' with disgust.

"I know you have feelings for him," Before I could say she is wrong, she holds out her hand to me and says, "Do not deny it... We both know it's true. I am not saying that you love him, but still you are married to that idiot so it is natural to have feelings for him."

I stay silent and kept my gaze down because she is right. I might not love Nathan, but I have been in love with the idea of my husband. Ironically, Nathan is my husband. Why I am not married to someone loving and caring? Why it has to be a jerk like Nathan?

"I never thought my married life is going to be like this... I never wished to have a fairytale life, but here I am married to a Knight who is definitely not my Knight in Shining Armour." I shake my head and start to laugh and soon she also joins.

"You don't need a knight...because you are a queen, knights are for princesses." She dramatically places an invisible crown at my head.

Then she motions me to come closer to her as she asks, "Did you really ask him, is he into BDSM?" then she starts shaking with laughter.

I bit my lip to control my laughter, as his shocked face comes into my mind, and nod my head,"Yes, and his face was worth watching." 

Soon we both were back to being those idiots, who do not give a damn about anything, lost in our own little world.


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