Chapter: 56 Queen

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Nathan's POV

The first thing which I notice when I woke up is, she is still holding my hand. She is asleep keeping both of her hands under her cheek and my hand is sandwiched between her hands. 

Although last night was the most uncomfortable night for me, as it is not easy to sleep while keeping your hand at an odd angle, but still I wouldn't want to change anything about it. I simply love the feeling of her hand in mine. Her touch brings a sense of calmness in me, she is the serenity which I crave for. 

After a light knock, the door opens and Natalie peeks her head inside the room. She looks at me, then Abigail as her eyebrows pull together in confusion. I quickly raise my head and slightly shake my head signaling her to not make any noise. She looks at Abigail for a moment, with a thoughtful expression, then nods in understanding. She quietly closes the door and leaves.

Almost every day, I learn new things about Abigail. Last night, I found that she is a heavy sleeper when she is peacefully sleeping. She doesn't snore or twist and turn in bed. She keeps on kicking covers if her feet are under them, she prefers keeping her feet outside the cover. 

I gently pull my hand, which makes her slightly frown in her sleep, then she pulls her pillow from under her head and snuggles into it. So, she is a cuddler too, but unfortunately, she doesn't cuddle with me.

Standing up I stretch my arms above my head, then I rake my fingers through my hair in the hope to tame my bed hair. I glance at the sleeping Abigail, then silently walks out of the room, closing the door behind me. 

I see Miles sitting on the couch as his eyes are closed. I quietly go to him and hardly smack his head, making him jump. 

"What was that for?" he turns and glares at me while rubbing the spot where I have hit.

"Just a reminder that your birthday is over," I shrug and go upstairs to my room.


"You know your act of being goody-two-shoes is busted," Miles cousin's idiot friend smirks when he sees Abigail, "I saw Nathan walking out of your room this morning," he says not even realizing I am in the same room. In fact, both of them doesn't know this.

"So when did you, finally, decide to have fun?" he asks wiggling his eyebrows suggestively, "Before your almost kiss or after?"

"Actually, it was after I asked you to fuck off when you were hitting on me," Abigail says in an uninterested tone, looking completely unbothered by his rubbish talk and sits on the bar stool turning her back to him.

He looks embarrassed, then tries to cover it with a scowl. I walk to him, as he opens his mouth to say something, and place my hand on his shoulder.

"I suggest you should think twice before saying anything," I say in a calm tone and lowered my voice so only he can listen, "because the girl you are speaking with, is my wife."

"One wrong word, and the next time you will open your eyes, you will find yourself in a hospital bed," I say impassively.

"Abigail? She is your wife?" he points at her looking shocked.

"I think I have just told you that and I don't like to repeat myself," I tighten my grip on his shoulder, "And before I decide to hit you for hitting on my wife, it is better you should leave."

"Hey, just chill I am leaving, I just wanted to say goodbye," he says looking pale and starts to walk backward, then turns around and goes outside the house.

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