Chapter: 49 Little Progress

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Nathan's POV

It is strange that most of the good things which happened in my life are because of Abigail. It is like she came into my life made everything perfect. 

Yeah, I was stupid not to realize this before, but now I don't hesitate to accept that Abigail brought love and luck, both, into my life. 

Soon she will also be in my life too. How? I don't know. But what I know is that I am just going to listen to my heart and follow it. 

"Mr.Knight these are some projects which are looking promising, in my opinion, you should invest in them," Emily suggests, "They will prove to be beneficial for the company."

Emily, recently, joined our company as a financial advisor. 

"All these projects are best for the company's financial growth," she smiles and twirls some of her hair in her fingers.

Noticing this my mind drifts back to Abigail. Her hair is really beautiful? Or is it just me who finds them beautiful? 

I hear a dim sound of laughter from the lobby, which immediately catches my attention, as I can recognize this laugh from a thousand miles away.

I get up from my seat and walk towards the door, ignoring whatever Emily is saying. Opening the door I see Abigail merrily chatting with Amelia, my secretary. Amelia says something to Abigail, which causes her to laugh and she covers her mouth with her hand.

When I approach them, Amelia quickly straighten up and Abigail stops laughing, but still, she has a small smile playing on her face.

"Abigail," I smile, "I did not know you were coming," I say as I put my hand in my pocket. I am pleasantly surprised to see her.

"Actually, I just came to drop this file," she motions her hand towards the file on the table.

"Why didn't you come straight to my office?" I ask her. 

"It is fine... Amelia told me you are busy with your meeting," she shrugs, "So I don't want to disturb you," she puts her hair behind her ear, which escaped from her ponytail. My eyes following her hand movement, "I was just about to leave."

Her hair is really beautiful!

Will she be mad if I touch her hair? Maybe I can try without some audience, so even if she smacks me then no one will know.

"It was nothing important," I tear my gaze away from her hair and return it to her face, "And it is already over," I shrug and lie.

As now when I am declared as a lovesick puppy, I will act like one too.  

Even if it was important I would never mind being disturbed by Abigail.

"Come inside," I motion her with my hand towards the office, after thinking for a moment she nods her head.

I make a mental note to tell Amelia that whenever Abigail comes, inform me, even if I am in a meeting.

I enter the office and close the door. Emily peeks up and smiles at me, which turns into a forced one when she sees Abigail.

Maybe she didn't like Abigail being here, just like I am not liking her presence in this room, as I want to be alone with my Abigail.

"Abigail this is Emily, our financial advisor," I tell Abigail, "And she is my..." 

What should I say? My friend or partner or my wife, because honestly, she is all of these. 

Will she be offended if I call her my wife? 

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