Chapter 9: You don't like her, because you don't know her!

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Nathan's POV

 Abigail is standing in the kitchen, staring at her screen and lost in her own thoughts. By the look on her face, it is not hard to say that, this call has terrified her. I am trying to control my curiosity to ask her about the call because whatever it is, it is definitely something serious. Even after five minutes, she doesn't move. Miles glances at me and then at Abigail, his eyes are full of concern. He also figured that this was not any random call.

"Abigail...Abigail", Miles calls her to get her attention, even after calling her name twice she doesn't respond.

Miles looks at me then gets up from the stool and slowly walks to her.

"Abigail... are you alright?" Miles asks her in a bit loud, but gentle voice. This got her attention as she snaps back from the thoughts and looks at him. Any emotions which were on her face were gone.

"Yea...Yeah... I am fine." She blinks and furrows her eyebrows.

"Who was on the call?" Miles inquire.

"No one I know, just a wrong call." She shrugs and goes to pour herself a glass of water.

Miles gives me look which says he is also not buying her lie. But I can't force her to tell the truth right? And what should I ask her that, 'hey tell me the truth because I am curious'.

She drinks two sips of water and throws the rest in the sink. Once more she looks at her phone, then walks quickly to the front door. I want to know where she is going, but even before I could decide whether to ask her or not, Miles speaks.

"Hey... you forgot your car keys?" he points to the keys hanging on the wall beside the front door. That IDIOT doesn't even know those are not her car keys, those are MINE! How many times he borrowed (read: snatched) them from me.

"These are not mine," She looks at the key as she purses her lips and shakes head, "and moreover, I am going to the bookstore few blocks away, so I will just walk to the store." Then she walks out, closing the door behind.

Miles suddenly says, "I am not that much of an idiot, as you think I am." I turn to him to see him smugly smirking.

"But you do accept that you are an idiot?" I arch an eyebrow.

He swirls his fork around noodles and takes a mouthful of it, " Yeah, because I am your best friend. No normal person with sanity can manage to survive with you for so long "

He swallows then again speak," I know you wanted to ask her where she is going, but being you, you wouldn't." he wipes his mouth with a napkin and continues," and I know she wouldn't have answered my question either if I'd asked her directly."

"Why do you think like that?"

"So you are not denying that you wanted to know where she's going," He wiggles his eyebrows like the idiot he is.

But again he gets serious," She doesn't know you, even if she's is your wife, but you are stranger to her. And after all that 'no interfering in each other's life' crap you laid, she's not complied to answer."

"I don't like her you know that! I don't want her to be part of my life." I say in a frustrated tone. He among all the people knows me better.

I need a good reason to divorce her, otherwise, my father will ruin everything I worked for so hard. He loves me, but I also know he is a man not to mess with, he will not hesitate to kick my ass. However, I will also not allow her to break this relation, I am going to be the one who is going to do that even if that means I have to bear her in my house.

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