Chapter:32 Take Me Away

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I thought the spark which your love ignited, will lit up my heart...

Least I know it will burn my soul into ashes...

"Dad, I want you to ask the lawyer to prepare the transfer papers first thing in the morning," I run my finger around the rim of the empty glass of water placed in front of me.

I came to my parents' house and told them everything, excluding Nathan's betrayal as they would have felt extremely hurt. I can see in their eyes the news of their daughter's broken marriage is deeply affecting them, but for the sake of me they are trying to keep a brave face. 

"Transfer papers? Why do you want to transfer all the shares to him?" Dad asks, his brows pinched in confusion and anger," Sell all the shares and let him suffer, as you have more shares on your name than him."

"I am not a selfish person. I can't let all the other people suffer who are working under him as any such thing will directly affect them. And he worked really hard to bring his company to the top, I can't let anyone's hard work go waste like this," I reply, as mom nods her head in agreement.

"I just do not want to do anything with Nathan Knight. I want to erase his name from my life in every way possible," I purse my lips for a moment and then continue," we do a lot of business with the Knights and I would like that, things should continue the way they are. But I will not deal with them, just keep me out of the things which involves them."

Mostly all the business of Richard is handled by Nathan. He manages both companies, his and his father's, at the same time. So any business with them means dealing with Nathan, and I don't want to associate with him in any way.

"Don't worry about that, I will personally make sure no Knight will be able to reach you," Dad assures me, his voice laced with anger.

"There is another thing which I want to talk about with you, guys," I say, as they both look at each other then at me and nod.

"I want to come out in open about my harassment," I inform them and wait for them to take in the news.

"Why?" Dad asks calmly, while confusion is written all over mom's face.

"When weakness becomes a threat, then it should be eliminated," I recall how Sharon suggested that Nathan should use my secret against me.

"We kept this hidden from everyone to protect you, then why you want everyone to about this now?" Mom questions me.

I move my eyes to Dad, who is looking like he is considering my words.

"The girl who needed protection was some other girl, from some other time," I walk around the table and place my hand on my mom's shoulder, "I am not that girl, not anymore... I don't need to hide this thing. I can handle things by myself now," I say reassuringly.

"Whatever you have decided, we are with you," Dad stands up from his place and wraps his arm around my shoulder, " we love you and we are so proud of you," his voice chokes lightly at the end.

"I will call the lawyer and inform him to make the papers," Dad clears his throat and announces taking out his phone from his pocket and quickly leaves the room.

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