Bonus Chapter:8 The Shopping

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If you think girls shop more than boys, then you should go shopping with Nathan and Miles.

They are crazy.

I am witnessing two full grown up adults, strolling in different aisles, picking up all the baby items which they like. For the first hour, I thought it is cute. But now after four hours, I don't find this cute at all.

"Is that a tutu?" I walk towards Nathan and pick up a purple tutu dress from the cart.

"Can you please explain what is this about?" I narrow my eyes at another romper tutu dress with a matching hair band.

"Nathan, I don't think our baby boy will appreciate if you make him wear these tutu dresses," I keep one hand on my hip.

"These are not for him," he takes dresses from my hand and drops back in the cart, "These are for our daughter. She will look so adorable in these clothes," he smiles looking at them.

"We are not having twins, Nathan," I look at him in disbelief.

"I know, I am just preparing for the future. She should know that her daddy started loving her, even when she was just an idea in his mind," he wraps his arm around me.

"You like this?" he picks up a white onesie and place on my now six months belly.

"Tell me, you like this?" he places a hand on my belly.

"No?" he frowns, "Good choice, I also don't like this one."

"What about this?" he puts a yellow onesie on my belly and places his hand on it.

"See? he likes this one," he grins when he feels the kick, and place it in the cart.

I don't know whether to kick him for being irritating or kiss him for being cute.

"Nathan, can we please go now?" I whine, "I am getting bored with this shopping, it is enough for today."

"This shopping?" he frowns in disbelief, "It is not just any shopping, it is the shopping," he puts emphasizes on the shopping as if it is the most important word.

"It is our baby shopping, Pastry," he raises his eyebrows.

Pastry?! Ugh, sometimes I wish I could kill him.

"The baby who is still not due for another three months," I roll my eyes.

"Look guys what I have found," Miles come carrying a car seat, "I love this car seat, it is so comfy and extremely secure. Moreover, it will completely go with my interior of the car."

"Why do you need a baby car seat for your car?" Nathan asks in confusion.

"Well, it is for my Godbaby," Miles looks at him like he is missing a screw or two, "I have to put a car seat in my car for him. As I will not compromise on his safety, being a Goddaddy it is my responsibility to make sure he is safe."

"Love you, Miles," I can't stop myself from hugging him, "You are such a darling."

He is the most caring and loving person.

"Love you, too. But you married an idiot," he returns my hug and glares at Nathan.

"Check all these stuff which I have found for him," he shows me his cart, which is full of baby stuff, "All these things will be at my home, so he will not have any issues when he will have a sleepover," he grins.

"I will not allow you to take him away from me," Nathan glares at him.

"Who the hell needs your permission," Miles glares back, "You are just a daddy, but I am Goddaddy," he holds his head up proudly and points himself with his index finger.

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