Chapter: 26 I Am Too Good For You

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This chapter is dedicated to AndreaSVessman. Thank you for not only supporting this story but also for your guidance. 


Nathan hasn't asked me anything, on our way back, but he kept giving me sideways glances. Perhaps, he was expecting some kind of breakdown. Seriously, I don't even want to talk about whatever happened, I just want to curl into my bed and sleep.

 As we walked into the house, I make my way straight into the living room and sit on the couch.

 "Nathan, can you please sit here for a while?" I ask him, taking out my heels and placing them on the side of the couch.

"I know you want to know-"

"It is fine, you don't need to tell now, we'll talk tomorrow," he interrupts me, sitting beside me.

"No, I want to talk now, as I don't want to discuss it tomorrow," I sigh and closing my eyes, "Tomorrow will be a new day and I don't want to ruin it by thinking about bad stuff that has happened tonight."

"Ok," he nods and gives me a cautious glance.

"First of all stop looking at me like that," I open my eyes and turn to him, "Don't worry I am not going to cry again," I laugh lightly, then turn serious and settle my gaze at the glass table in front of me.

"Someone caught me from behind and he tightly covered my mouth with his hand so I couldn't call for help," I swallow the lump forming in my throat, "Next thing I know, he was dragging me into the dark corner and then he locked me into that room," I take a deep breath to calm the anxiety that is slowly building up inside me.

"Did you see his face?" his voice sounds cold.

"No, he restrained almost all my movements, "I rub my face with my both hands and shake my head," he was really strong, as pathetic it sounds, but I could not even able to move my head," I laugh humorlessly.

"I should have been with you, I shouldn't have let you go alone," he sighs and says to himself.

"It's not your fault, in fact, you found me," I give him a small grateful smile.

"Well, it is getting late I should go and sleep," I say to him as I stand up. He gives me a small nod and mirrors my action. 

"Thank you for tonight and thank you for being there for me," My lips turned upward in a genuine heartfelt smile. Then I take a step towards him, surprising myself when wrapped my arms around his lean torso in a hug. What surprises me, even more, is that without missing a beat he hugs me back. 

"Thank you," I mumble again in his shirt.

Rather than replying, he just slightly tightens his hold on me. I close my eyes savoring this moment between us, for the first time ever, I can sense some kind of connection between us. And this scares me as I can feel all the feelings, which I have buried inside my heart for him, are slowly resurfacing. And I can't let that happen, especially when I know my feelings will never be returned. He can't reciprocate my love for him, as his heart already belonged to someone.

My heart feels heavy, and slowly I unclasp my arms and step away from him. He also unwraps his arms but instead of letting me go, he places his hands on my waist. He gazes down at me with a small smile, which gradually turns into a smirk.

"You know, you don't have to look for an excuse to hug me," he says still smirking.

I smirk and shake my head, " You should be grateful I just gave you the opportunity to know, how it is felt to be hugged by someone who is way out of your league," I move out of his grasp and wink at him.

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