Chapter 10: Mr.Grey is Mr.Knight's role model

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How much stress can a person handle? Maybe if I get an answer to this question, then I can figure how long is it left for me to completely lose my sanity. Why it always happens when I am trying to get control of my haywire life, something turns up and my life gets more tangled than it already is.

Moving in with Nathan was not an easy decision for me, trust me it's one of the most difficult decisions which I have made. But it seems that difficulty has just begun, not even a day has passed and I get the most dreading call of my life.

No matter how much I had tried to sleep, but I couldn't. Even when I tried to close my eyes for a few moments, all I heard was his voice. The one which is enough to give me sleepless nights for the rest of my life.

Even being awake also didn't help me much to relax. Because all night I heard strange really strange noises. Because, apparently, someone was sounding like a dying whale almost all night.

Finally, after throwing two cups of caffeine into my system I am ready to head start my day. After finishing my breakfast, which consisted of two strong cups of coffee and a half pancake, I decided to make some more pancakes, in case certain someone wants to eat. When I am putting the last pancake with the rest of the stack on the plate. I see Nathan coming downstairs and at the same moment, the door opposite the living room opens and... I finally get to see the source of the dying whale sound, a redhead comes out of the guest room in a bathrobe. Her short hair is wet, obviously, from the shower. When she sees Nathan, she bites her lip and strolls towards him.

I don't get why someone needs to bite lip, to be flirtatious? I bite my lip to hold my not so ladylike laughter.

"Nathan... why didn't you sleep with me?"She asks and places her hand on his chest.

How much more do you want to sleep with him? And how the hell can someone actually sleep after hearing such a horrendous voice?

"Because I don't sleep with anyone," he replies her flatly. This sounds somewhat familiar, right? But I can't pinpoint where I've heard..... GREAT!!! Simply Great! I think Mr.Grey is Mr.Knight's role model. I will not be surprised if this house has a playroom too.

He removes her hand from his chest and comes into the kitchen completely ignoring her. After pouring himself coffee, he looks at me, and asks, "Are you okay?" he is staring at my face like he is trying to find something.

His question takes me by surprise, as he almost sounds..... concern.

"Yes," I say carefully. If he thinks to see him with some girl will affect me then he is wrong. For the past three years, I don't how many times I have seen him with different girls, this is not new to me.

Annddd ladies and gentlemen the jerk is back!

"Good, because I will make sure you are not," he smirks, raising his cup to his lips as he takes a sip. UGHHH!!! What is his problem? Can't he be nice for just once?

With unamused expression I walk in direction of my room, paying no attention to the redhead glaring at me.

To save my time, I always plan my outfit for the next day at night. So, for today I decided to wear straight checkered trousers with the black button-up shirt. After dressing for the day, I put my hair into twisted top-knot and apply lip gloss. Finalizing my look with silver stud earrings, I check myself for the last time in the mirror. After being satisfied, I grab my handbag and car keys and leave the comfort of my room to face the world.


Yesterday, after I got the call of "He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named" of my life, I tried to call my dad. Unfortunately, he's on four days business trip so I can't inform him about the call as he will be worried and even he will cancel his trip. Mom is out of the question, as she will house arrest me and will handcuff me with her. No joking.

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