Chapter: 18 A New Day

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Nathan's POV

  " I don't care if you believe me or not, but this is the first time telling all this was easy for me..less painful. Because I know, it will not have any effect on you, my feelings don't mean anything to you... I don't matter to you. I don't even know why I shared this with you, maybe to tell you that my life is already a hell, that you need to work a lot harder to fulfill your promise."  

Her words stabbed me through my heart. I thought to hear her crying was bad, but this is worst than that. Her crying did something to my heart, something which I never want to feel again.

Trust me when she was sobbing, it took all my strength not to go into her room and comfort her. Because somewhere it was my fault too, if I wasn't so mad at Nicholas I wouldn't have said all those things to her. I had taken out Nicholas anger on her.

"God, I am such a jerk... she was already going through so much and I hurt her even more," I rake my hand through my hair frustratingly.

When I heard that bastard Owen's name my blood boiled at his name for some unknown reason. But now, I want to kill him with my bare hands. She trusted him and he broke her trust in the worst way possible.

But don't I also want to do that... 

No, it's different. I don't want to ruin her life. Ok, I won't lie, earlier I may want to make it miserable but now I can't think of doing that. 

I am not a cold-hearted person. I may behave badly with her, but this doesn't mean seeing her in pain makes me happy.  It's strange, that I do care for her.

I am feeling so many emotions at once, that it is driving me insane. Anger, pain, frustration but above all guilt. I have never felt so guilty in my life, this guilt is eating me from inside.

Hearing the sound of the doorbell, I come downstairs from my room.

"Wait don't open the door, I am coming," I stop Abigail from answering the door, because what if it is someone who came to harm her.

"What the hell! Are you alright?" As soon as I opened the door, Miles run past me to Abigail and hugged her tightly. I notice the way she has clenched her hand in a fist for a moment, then relax it. Now I know the reason behind why she flinches or move away from someone who touches her or comes too close to her.

"Get off her," I quickly grab Miles with the back of his collar and pull him away from her and stand beside her. I know Miles can never hurt her and cares for her, but I didn't like that it made her uncomfortable even if it is for a second.

" Yeah, I am alright just little taken aback by your hug attack," she laughs lightly, but I can see a hint of sadness in her eyes.

"I am sorry I couldn't control myself," Miles looks at me clearly confused about my behavior, then her, " I went to the office to see Nathan, there I found out what happened and I was worried about you," he says honestly.

I walk back to the door and just about to close it, when that girl, Abigail's friend come.

She also quickly wraps Abigail in a hug, which causes her to stumble back.

"What is it today? Tackle Abigail day?" She laughs, however it is little forced.

"Shut up just let me hug you," her friend, what's her name? yeah, Natalie scolds her.

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