Chapter: 70 Daddy's Pride

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Everything just feels like a dream... I can't believe I am getting married to the love of my life. Even though I am marrying my husband again, but still this time it feels different... it feels real.

Nathan... a name that at one point of time ruined my life, however, now it is the same name which makes my life beautiful. 

If there is any word which is stronger than love, I would use that word to describe my feelings for him. Just by thinking about him, my heart clenches in a beautiful way. I can't put into words how much he means to me. And the best part is that love is, equally, reciprocated.

I know how it feels to bear one-sided feelings for someone. The one-sided feelings make a person strong. Because every day he has to live with the thought that his love will never be returned. But still, this doesn't stop him from loving that person, because you can't help with whom you fall in love. The thing which is considered to be a blessing... is a curse to you. 

But now, for me, everything has changed and this time it is for better... perhaps, for the best.

Nathan makes me feel loved. Everything about him shows his unconditional love for me. 

Unconditional... it is strange, the thing which started on conditions has turned into something unconditional.

It has been hardly a day and I miss him so much,  that suddenly the idea of getting married to him again seems stupid. I want to meet him and I am not allowed to, before the wedding. 

Stupid Nathan!

"Abigail!" Natalie sighs frustratedly, waving brush in front of my face, "Stop undressing Nathan in your mind!" she narrows her eyes at me, as I choke on my own spit. 

"Natalie!" I shout feeling embarrassed. Even though nothing such, was going on in my mind. But now she said so... 

"I give up!" she huffs and raises her hands in surrender, "I can't apply blush to your already blushed cheeks."

"If I apply anymore, you will look like a clown," she throws the brush on the vanity and picks up another brush.

I don't know whether Natalie is doing my makeup, or she is using this as an opportunity to scold me.

"Abby, I hope you don't have any problem with getting married to your husband, while he carries your God-daughter," Hannah comes inside the room and plops on the bed.

"Suddenly, Nathan and Irene are best friends," she rolls her eyes, "She is not letting him go, in fact, she is peacefully sleeping in his arms. If somebody tries to take her, she wakes up and starts crying and that person  earns a murderous glare from Nathan."

"Poor Miles, almost got his neck snapped for taking her," she laughs, "The only person besides Nathan, whom she is going to is Adam. And he is busy trying to keep the twins spotless, till the wedding." 

"Are you done with her, make-up? She needs to change also." Hannah asks Natalie, who is busy doing my eye make-up.

"Yup, I am done," she leans back and studies her handiwork, with a self-pleased smile.

"Thank you," I say as I make my way to the walk-in closet.

When the first time I saw my wedding dress, I couldn't believe that this is my wedding dress. It is simply beautiful, I was almost in tears when Mom showed me the dress. 

Removing the robe, I carefully step into my dress. I smooth my dress with my hands, as I take a moment to admire the dress while standing in front of the full-length mirror. The sheer white lace off-shoulder gown, which narrows at the waistline then flows freely to the floor. The dress itself makes me feel so beautiful. 

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