Chapter: 15 Secret Admirer

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It's been a week since I have talked to Nathan, in fact, I hardly see him. I make sure not to cross path with him, living in the same house makes it difficult but still, I have somehow managed it till now. 

After a lot of thinking and numerous cups of coffee, I have reached a conclusion that I have... No! I need to get a divorce. I can't be with a person who considers me, more or less, as a business deal. I am aware of dad's intentions behind financially helping him but now when I get the idea what Nathan comprehended out of this, it is impossible to carry this burden.

Soon when my lawyer will return after his honeymoon, I will ask him to start working on my divorce case. Isn't it funny, my newly married lawyer will help me to get a divorce?

I can't wait to be happily divorced.

" Come in," I absentmindedly say, when somebody knocks.

" It is lunchtime, why are you working?" Nathan asks as he walks into my office and sits on the chair in front of my table.

Yeah, dude, you can just come here and sit who needs permission right?

" I am not hungry and I have a lot of work to finish," I flatly answer, while still working on my report.

This is the first time this entire week when he is talking to me, I don't know where this all talk is heading. I guess all I can do is wait to find out.

" I don't think this report is due this week," he says while picking up one of the files from my table and studying it.

" It is not, but I don't have enough time. My University assignments are pending I have to complete them, too."

" Your classes have been started that's why you are hardly at home? " he raises an eyebrow then leans back in the chair and folds his arms.

I never thought he will even notice this, so this comes as a shock.

" Yeah,  that is the reason," I nod my head, although this is not completely true. I am actually avoiding him, but I can't say this to his face. As he will make his personal mission to irritate me with his presence.

 He looks at me, clearly unconvinced. Breaking the eye contact, I look away because I don't like the way he is staring at me. His gaze so intense like he is trying to figure out something.

I start fidgeting my fingers, it is a nervous habit of mine. At this moment he is making me so nervous, I don't know why perhaps the way he is staring at me. He eyes flicker to my hand then to my face. 

Oh, God! Why he is suddenly being so observant?

Suddenly, someone else knocks.

Please let this be Roman Reigns! I mean Nathan being here was unexpected when we are expecting the unexpected so, why not Roman Reigns? Right?

"Come in," Nathan answers. 

Wow! This guy surely got some nerves. First, he makes himself comfortable in my office now, acting as he owns it.

" Somebody dropped this envelope for you," the lady from the front desk, whose name I don't know, hands me the envelope. 

I thank her while looking at the envelope to find the name of the sender.

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