Chapter: 42 I Miss You

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Nathan's POV

I groan and sit up, not realizing when I slept. I stretch my neck from side to side to release some of the stiffness.

"Chairs are not a very comfortable place to sleep," A hear someone says to me.

I blink my eyes to get rid of sleep, as I find a nurse standing beside the bed writing something on the clipboard.

"How is she?" I look down and couldn't stop myself from smiling when I notice I am still holding her hand.

"So far so good," she checks the monitors and notes down something on the clipboard.

"I assume you are her boyfriend?" she asks without looking at me, as she checks the medicines," Because her father was fuming in anger when he found out you are sleeping in here especially holding her hand," she laughs lightly.

"I am her husband, actually," I reply, as her eyebrows shoot up in a surprise hearing this," Things were not good between us and it was all my fault. So, their anger is justified," I sigh.

"But you have realized your mistake now, that is a good thing," she gives me a small encouraging smile," Today probably she will be shifted to the room. Chairs are little more comfortable there," she winks, then leaves.

"Good morning," I turn to Abigail," Wake up soon, before your dad kills me," I stand up and place a light kiss on her forehead.

Any normal day, if I had done something like this I am sure, her eyes might have been slightly widened in surprise as a light blush would have been dusted across her cheeks. And if she had been suffering from a bad mood, then it could have been a completely different story. I would have to run to get some cover, as she might have definitely wanted to kill me with the nearest thing her hand could reach.

"It is surprising that there was never a dull day in my life since you agreed to live with me," I nod my head and give her a pointed look as if she can see me.

"I was a moron who took you for granted when I should have been grateful to you for being a part of my life and dealing with all of my shit," I take a deep breath and slowly exhale, trying to lift off some of the weight from my chest.

"I feel like because of me you are here," I bit my lip and look around the room, then fix my eyes on the machines on the right side of the bed," If I hadn't fucked up, then you wouldn't want to leave and none of this would have happened," I sigh.

"I can never forgive myself for being the reason for your pain," I swallow," From the day we were married I have been constantly hurting you, by my words or my behavior, but then also you tolerated everything without saying a word. If I can I would turn back in time and correct all my mistakes and give you all the love which you deserve," I gently caress her cheek.

"I love you," I say quietly to her," I wish I had said this sooner..." my heart drowning from regret.

"Don't take her away from me... if I lose her this time I don't think I can bear the pain," I close my eyes and pray to whoever is listening.


"Nathan," Beth calls me, I hang up the call and turn to her, "Are you staying here at the hospital? I will get it if you have work and you have to leave..." she trails off.

"I am not going anywhere. I am staying here with her," I reply to her as put my phone in my pocket, giving her full attention," Is everything alright? Do you need anything?" I ask as I notice her worried expression. Her worry is not because of Abigail, as I have been with her all the time as they shifted her from the ICU to the room, and I have just stepped out of the room to answer the call.

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