Chapter: 23 Bonded By Vows

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As soon as we enter, I snap out of shock and quickly take a step away from him. I look up at him to find him gazing me with a confused expression.

Now when finally the shock wears off, different emotions consume me. But two emotions are overshadowing all others, anger, and sadness.

I am feeling slight anger boiling up in me, as before pulling off any stunt like this at least he should have informed me if I was not quick to hide my bewilderment I would have made fool out of myself. On the other side, sadness is also seeping in my heart, because I am aware this is all for a show, just an act. Why couldn't all this would have been real? Why couldn't I have been married to someone who accepted me wholeheartedly, loved me? 

Maybe my anger is unjustified, maybe I should not be upset, but I can't help it. However, I am not one of those who acts irrationally, so instead of showing my emotions, I decide what always I do, mask them up.

"What happened?" he asks with his eyebrows pinched together in confusion.

"Nothing," I shut my eyes and shake my head to clear my thoughts," let's just get inside." Giving him a tight smile I make my way towards the main banquet hall, Nathan trailing a few steps behind. 

The theme of the decoration is gold and white, large chandeliers hang down from the high ceiling, on another side of the hall, a live band is playing soft music, some couples are dancing on the dance floor. Round dining tables are set across the hall, in front of them, a platform is situated for the purpose of auctions and others performances. Waiters are bustling throughout the hall, carrying trays of champagnes. In short, typical dinner party.

" Welcome, I am so glad you came," Mrs.Bentley, popular socialite and organizer of this event come towards us with a big smile.

"Thank you for inviting us," I politely say, but I can't miss the way her eyes are darting between me and Nathan, maybe she didn't expect us to come together. Can't blame her this is the first time we are seen together.

"Well, I didn't know you are together otherwise I would have arranged a single table for you, but both of your tables are right in the front, you can sit in either of them" she turns slightly, points her finger towards the front, "the auction will start in an hour, but before that, we have some performances. Hope you will enjoy this night," she smiles and excuses herself.

Some more people approach us, we briefly chat with them. I know most of them, so it is not really hard to maintain a conversation, which is not looking forced. I notice Nathan has great communicating skills, he confidently speaks regardless what the topic is. Whether it is business or politics or any other topic he has extensive knowledge.

He pulls a chair for me then sits beside me, " We created quite a stir."

"Yeah, I can already feel the heat of it," I glance at my side purse my lips to stop myself from smiling when I see one lady giving me an evil eye.

Opening my clutch I grab a small bottle of sanitizer and pour a generous amount of it into my palm. 

"I have shaken hands with a lot of people, and I don't want any of their bacterias on my hand," I answer Nathan's unasked question while rubbing sanitizer on my both hands.

"Well, you don't know which dark places those hands might have traveled to," I say keeping a straight face.

"You have a very dirty mind, Abigail," he shakes his head in amusement and chuckles.

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